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Happy Organize Your Home Day! It seems like after Marie Kondo’s organization special on Netflix, everyone has been decluttering their lives, ditching their excessive wardrobe, and saying sayonara to spur of the moment purchases. I myself have been caught up in the organization bug -although I have yet to see Marie Kondo’s organization special- and am gathering a bunch of organization tips from the Pros to share with you guys today! These kitchen organization tips are definitely going to help you make 2019 the most organized year, ever. 

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Organization Tip #1: Decant dried goods and shelf staples into Glass or Plastic Jars with airtight lids

The most envious kitchens all have one thing in common: stacks of dried goods in well-labeled canisters. Organizing your dried goods into air-tight jars not only make for a neat-looking kitchen, but it also helps you save space when you use stacking jars and enables you to buy in bulk from bulk stores without the clutter of excessive bags. You can use either glass or plastic jars to store your items in. I like to use glass jars for the countertop and plastic jars in the cupboards because they stack better. If picking out specifics is difficult for you, you can get an entire pantry organization kit here with all the essentials. 

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Organization Tip #2: Label your Jars WITH cooking instructions and expiration date

Once you’ve put all your dried goods into neat jars, make sure that you put the cooking instructions, expiration date and the date that you put the items in the jar clearly on a label. This way you can save yourself the trouble of looking up cooking instructions for your farro or quinoa once you’ve put them into jars. Putting the expiration date and the date you put an item in a jar will help you avoid the dreaded question “is this still fresh?” 

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Organization Tip #3: Bring on the Baskets for Bulk Organization

If you have open shelving, baskets help contain some of the clutter you may have that needs a cohesive place to live. Measuring cups, measuring spoons, linens and all sorts of items would be pretty to put in open wire baskets but baskets are also great for under sink storage solutions. I love using acrylic shelves and baskets in the bathroom to provide more space for storage, I love wire baskets in the kitchen to hold produce, granola packages, and measuring appliances, and I love wire shelves for under kitchen sink cleaning solutions. 

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I hope this helps you on your quest for kitchen organization! I definitely recommend starting small and scaling from there. Pick one cabinet to organize and see if you can stick to it for a month before expanding to the rest of the home. 

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