Lighter Breakfast Options

I’m always on the hunt for the easiest but most nutritious breakfast option. It’s easy to get stuck in the same overnight oatmeal rut or substituting a banana for an actual breakfast meal, so I recently challenged myself to make some healthy breakfast options all under 150 calories and with as few ingredients as possible. 

Plus they had to taste good. 

Wasa Crispbread Breakfast

The biggest problem with my breakfast challenge was finding a base that was both sturdy, satisfying and pre-made. I’ve seen the breakfast “toasts” where someone has substituted a piece of dehydrated sweet potato as the base, but as a working gal, I ain’t got time for that.  

Wasa Crispbread Breakfast Wasa Crispbread Breakfast

When I was scouring the bread aisle at Publix I stumbled across Wasa Crispbread. I used to eat these for as an afternoon snack over at a friend’s house but back then we smeared in the crispbreads with Peanut Butter and loaded with raisins- which was delicious but definitely not healthy. With only three ingredients in the Wasa Crispbread (water, flour, and salt) it aided in my quest for “few ingredients, full of taste”. 

Wasa Crispbread Breakfast

When it came to choosing a variety of Wasa Crispbread, I started thinking about how I typically navigate breakfast- some days I crave something on the sweeter side, other days I want a savory bagel or avo toast- so I went with their traditional crispbread and sesame. 

Wasa Crispbread Breakfast Wasa Crispbread Breakfast

For lunch one day recently I decided to test out the Wasa Crispbread’s with a breakfast board (which would be great as a DIY brunch gathering with friends at home) to create an ‘assemble as you please’ lunch option. 

On the breakfast board, my toppings were all typical grocery purchases for the week so I knew I could make this into an easy interchangeable morning breakfast and they included: Kite Hill dairy-free cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion, capers (a pantry staple in my house), heirloom tomatoes, a six-minute egg, avocado mash, blackberries, maple almond butter, honey, and bananas. 

Wasa Crispbread Breakfast

With the variety of toppings, there was an endless number of creations I could make now that I had a perfectly sturdy breakfast crispbread via Wasa Crispbread

Some of my favorite combinations were and pictured here: 

Wasa Lox Crisp”Bagel”: Sesame Seed Wasa Crispbread,, Kite Hill dairy-free cream cheese, capers, red onion, and smoked salmon. Calories: 135 

Avocado Crispbread: Traditional Wasa Crispbread, Avocado mash, heirloom tomatoes, and 1/2 of a 6-minute egg. Calories: 115

Banana PanCrispBread: Traditional Wasa Crispbread, maple almond butter, sliced banana, and a drizzle of honey. Calories: 145 

Berry Savory Crispbread: Sesame Seed Wasa CrispbreadKite Hill dairy-free cream cheese, blackberries, basil, a drizzle of honey and cracked pepper. Calories: 120

Wasa Crispbread Breakfast

Every morning this week I’ve been experimenting with new Wasa Crispbread breakfast and a new current favorite (blackberry, almond butter, and Kite Hill cheese) is what I’m snacking on right now. The crackers are substantial enough to satiate any hunger pangs and leave you feeling light afterward so you don’t feel weighed down during your busy day ahead. 

Wasa Crispbread Breakfast

These definitely checked the box for the lighter breakfast options I was looking for. 

Thank you Wasa Crispbread who sponsored this post. Although there was a sponsored element to today’s post, all opinions, recipes, and photos are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that Darling Down South partners with so that we can continue bringing you amazing content each week. 

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