Magnolia Plantation, Charleston SC

On my sister trip to Charleston this past June, I had compiled the most intensive itineraries. I wanted to be certain that there would be no shortage of activities to do in case of inclement weather or we tire of shopping so I threw in some things we don’t find ourselves doing typically in Atlanta, like historic home tours and museums. As I said in this post, I need to be a tourist in my own town more often which inspired me to apply that rule to my travels as well. Get out of the box and explore something different like the Magnolia Plantation. 

The grounds at Magnolia Plantation are expansive and have plenty of things to do and see. The basic admission grants you access to a foot tour of the property where you may run into a few fine feathered folks bobbing about and showing off their colors. 

The moss-draped oaks providing just enough shade to keep you from melting entirely, however, they offer no protection from the sweltering humidity that Charleston is famous for. In the spring, the gardens are bursting with flowers and fauna in every direction, but in summer, the colors of the gardens are traded for the rich greens of boxwoods and lush trees. 

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Although I had hoped we would have been able to catch some of the lingering flowers from the garden, we did luck out and found a few towering bushes of jasmine in bloom that spread their scent throughout the plantation. 


If you crave a little more adventure with your historic home tour, there are swamp garden tours where you can get a closer look at the ecosystem that makes up a swamp or you can take your tour in your own hands and explore the nature paths at your own leisure.

Even though the heat was brutal that afternoon, it wouldn’t deter me from coming back again to see these beautiful grounds at a different time of year. 

Author: Cynthia

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