Small Gestures that Make Big Impacts

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This time of year is one of my favorites. There are tons of opportunity to discover unique gifts with all the gift guides floating around, the sugar consumption is unparalleled, wine is a constant staple at every meal and I get to practice one of my favorite small gestures that makes a big impact: the Host/Hostess gift.


Manhattan FruitierManhattan FruitierManhattan Fruitier Manhattan Fruitier Manhattan Fruitier

Manhattan Fruitier Manhattan Fruitier Manhattan Fruitier


I love that the Hostess gift has been having a renaissance lately. It’s not that it ever died per se but people are getting a lot more creative with what they are giving. I love using the Hostess gift as an opportunity to look for gifts in unique places which is how I found the Manhattan Fruitier. Not only does it check the box of being from a small retailer, but since they are a PayPal partner, I was able to check out at the convenience of my couch without having to run and grab my wallet for card details.

I knew immediately that Manhattan Fruitier was going to be my Hostess gift of choice because it is a gorgeously curated food crate that I was able to pick based on my interests- which going to Holiday parties means that my interests were solely focused on increasing my cheese and meat consumption, so I went with the Parmesan and Prosciutto basket. I was able to choose my shipping date and even could have the gift delivered to said hostess I was visiting. That way they could be surprised the day of the party with a thoughtful basket of nibbles to enjoy themselves during party prep or include in the party spread itself.

I am thrilled that I was able to find a small business solution to my gifting need, shopping a small business gave me more options for getting gifts to my loved ones while also supporting a local economy, I even love that PayPal offers return shipping refunds called Return Shipping On Us, which guarantees up to $30 in return shipping costs per order and 12 orders per calendar year.  Now if only PayPal didn’t make it so easy to shop from their small merchants, my credit card would definitely thank me!

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