Almond Milk Matcha Green Tea Latte

A couple of weeks ago I decided to kick coffee to the curb. To this date, it remains my most difficult breakup. What would my mornings look like without the bitter liquid touching my lips before I’m truly awake? How would my commute ever be the same knowing that I wouldn’t be making a beeline to the coffee shop at the office as soon as I hop off the train? Now I can’t quit caffeine cold turkey – that would be career suicide. So that’s when I decided to try a different source of caffeine in the morning. Call it a rebound, but maybe Almond Milk Matcha Green Tea Lattes were just what I needed. Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe I typically cut out coffee about once a year for a solid month. I’m not entirely sure the science behind it (if any) but sometimes I like trying other caffeine sources to get my perk in the morning. When I found out Matcha Green Tea had more caffeine in it than coffee and regularly steeped green tea, I figured it was just what the doctor ordered to get me through the start of the busy season at work. Matcha Green Tea Latte RecipeWith the promise of increased caffeine consumption and the arrival of my lovely new tumbler mugs from HoneyComb Studio, I couldn’t resist trying a new recipe. 
Matcha Green Tea Latte RecipeHoney Comb Studio just launched their new tableware collection and it is absolutely beautiful! Each piece is handmade in Atlanta and is finished with a 22K gold hand Drawn stripe. What I love most about these pieces from Honey Comb Studio is that because of their handmade nature, no two pieces are exactly identical. She makes everything in her home studio in West Midtown and you can find her pieces all over Atlanta at specialty shops in Ponce City Market and nationally at West Elm. The pieces are unsurprisingly more beautiful in person. And to think, this all started because on a whim she decided to take a ceramics class her junior year in college! 
Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe

First and foremost, when using matcha, you need to have the proper instruments. There are whole kits you can buy to be a “professional” amateur matcha latte maker, but I find a wand ball whisk and a glass liquid measuring cup are all that you truly need. Plus you can use these other two items when cooking other dishes as well. Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe

Almond Milk Matcha Green Tea Latte 

For this recipe you will need: 

1/2 cup of filtered water

1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk

1 teaspoon of honey

1/2 splash of vanilla extract

1/1 level teaspoon of matcha powder


Bring water in a kettle to a boil. While this is happening, heat a small saucepan over medium heat with the almond milk and vanilla mixed together. In your glass measuring cup, add the matcha green tea powder and honey. Once the almond milk starts to form small bubbles, using your wand ball whisk, quickly whisk the contents together and bring to a foam. Pour 1/2 cup of hot water into the glass measuring cup and whisk together- ensuring that the matcha tea froths and dissolves in the water. Transfer matcha liquid to your tumbler, then pour the frothy almond milk on top. 
Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe

White + Gold Stripe Tumblers c/o Honey Comb Studio 

A little muscle power is needed to make this in the morning, but it is a treat that will help you forget all about coffee- for the time being. The taste of coffee is irresistible, so chances are I’ve probably relapsed onto that sinful liquid again. I suppose there are worse drugs to fall in love with. 

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