My Winter MO: Chunky Sweaters & Statement Earrings

I always tend to air on the side of freezing and find myself over layering but this winter I feel like I’ve really found my groove with chunky sweaters and have been wearing them non-stop. I joke that I’m slowly morphing into Diane Keaton because I’ve probably worn thick sweaters and turtlenecks for the last 4 weeks straight, but the woman is onto something! They are stylish and versatile. Regardless of the style of sweater, my new winter MO has been pairing a chunky sweater with statement earrings to elevate my everyday sweater outfit. Below I’m sharing some of my favorite chunky sweater and earring combos for you to don on your next winter night out. 

Sweater (c/o) || Earrings (sold out) 

Try these Chunky Sweaters 

Check out these Statement Earrings 

Author: Cynthia

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