4 Reasons to Love a One-Piece

I haven’t worn a one piece swimsuit since I was seven years old. Sometime between Nintendo 64  and neck chokers, they lost their cool and we’re ditched when MTV replaced Nickelodeon as a regular rotation on our box tv. While I will still opt for a two-piece over a one-piece, there are a couple of reasons why we should “love” on this style once again. 
Loft Beach Lace Up One Piece Swimsuit

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One: They double as a shirt at the beach. Whether you are throwing on a pair of cut off denim shorts or a flowy maxi skirt, a plain color one-piece makes beach to lunch access an easier option. 

Two: More sun protection. Day one at the beach, you get totally fried (guilty) day two, time to bring out the one-piece to cover some of your burnt stomach (extra guilty) and the higher SPF. 

Three: Sophisticated and stylish. Planning a vacation with family members (yours or others) a side cut one-piece shows off your confidence better than a scantily clad two-piece could. It also shows respect for those around you, and makes the beach less about the skin exposure and more about the time spent there. 

Four: Better for Water Sports. Nothing is worse than crashing from a wave and between gasping for air you’re grabbing at your top or bottoms that might have slipped off. A one-piece eliminates those moments and is overall better for physical activity on or along the beach. 

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Author: Cynthia

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