Our Home Transformation with Chase Freedom Unlimited

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We’ve done it! We’re finally home and the renovation is 95% complete. There are a few things left to do and our home is definitely a work in progress, but it didn’t stop us from moving home while we finished them. This entire process has been so eye-opening to the complexity of renovating but seeing the almost finished product is so worth all the struggles we encountered to get here. Thankfully, with our Chase Freedom Unlimited cash back credit card, we are able to have a flexible budget to finish the few things left on our punch list.

modern southern kitchen

It’s amazing to see how our home has transformed since we started this process 5 months ago. Every morning since we’ve been home, I’ve woken up in complete disbelief that we get to live here. I think this home will definitely cause me to become more of a homebody, and I’m dreaming up all the ways to dress her up with furniture.

As good as this feeling is, it took a lot of “mess-ups” and re-works to get here. When there are re-works that typically means spending more money to fix it which is where having a cash back credit card, like my Chase Freedom Unlimited card, that allows me to earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase comes in handy.

Despite some delays with the sink we ordered for the half bathroom being the wrong size, I was able to earn 1.5% cash back on our purchase. It’s like a little rebate every time we shop, and I love it.

chase freedom unlimited card Southern Kitchen Makeover

Hands down the best purchase I made with my card was the fixtures in the half bath. The half bath is my favorite room in the house, and I can’t believe how stunning it turned out! With my card, I was able to buy the wallpaper, paint, light fixtures, mirror, and sink – all the décor! This room is truly an homage to the art deco style of our home.

art deco bathroom

Y’all, I cannot believe we get to live here, and we’ve survived the home renovation process. If it weren’t for my Chase Freedom Unlimited card, I don’t think this process would have gone as smoothly. So if you’re about to start a big project or working towards a goal, you should definitely look into getting the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. Just by using it you’ll already be closer to your goal, thanks to the 1.5% cash back!

Chase is now offering new Chase Freedom Unlimited cardmembers a bonus offer available through their website, Chase.com, and in Chase branches: get a $200 bonus after spending $500 in the first three months.

Author: Cynthia

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