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Designing an Outside Oasis with At Home

Summertime and the living is easy and there is no easier living than living in your own patio oasis. Since our home remodel is about to kick off, the only area of our house worth putting effort into is the one that isn’t changing, the patio! My friends at At Home equipped me with a

Naples Florida Travel Guide

I first visited Naples Florida during Winter 2017 when my husband (then boyfriend) invited me down for the Holidays. He had told me about how wonderful the city is and how great it is to escape the cold winter for this beach haven. In our first trip down we explored every inch of downtown Naples,

Garden & Gun Club in Atlanta

Ever the one to be in love with traditional décor aesthetics, the Garden & Gun Club in Atlanta, opened by one in the same southern magazine icon whom I’ had the pleasure of writing for last Fall, is a true homage to upscale Southern cuisine. From cornbread to traditional sazeracs, you’ll find every culinary delight

Easy Superbowl Sunday Appetizers

Can you believe Atlanta is hosting the Superbowl this weekend? I can’t either! Even though I live in the heart of the city, it doesn’t feel like a lot of people have descended upon our town just yet, but I’m already anticipating my favorite coffee shops and my favorite midtown restaurants to be overtaken with

National Cheese Lovers Day: The Best Cheese-Filled Recipes

There’s always a reason to add cheese! I didn’t realize that when I’m cooking how often I’ll find myself looking for a way to incorporate cheese and how it becomes the star of the recipe. In honor of National Cheese Lovers Day (yes there seems to be a day for everything) I’m rounding up some

New Video: Poblano Pepper Chili Recipe

Raise your hand if you have a signature chili recipe up your sleeve already? *raises both hands and both feet* I love cooking chili during the colder months and I have about four versions I rotate through. I have a skinny chili that uses ground turkey, when I’m in a pinch I’ll buy a boxed

Hoppin’ John Stew: Health & Wealth for the New Year

Stew season or as the millennials would say “#StewSZN” is here. As New Years Eve tradition demands, I make a hearty bowl of Hoppin’ John Stew to help bring in good fortune, good luck, and prosperity for the new year. How does a stew do that? Well that’s a fantastic question!