Queso and Catching Up

Each week, my sister and I attempt to get together for a little “girl time.” Typically that girl time revolves around queso and catching up- margaritas are always at the ready and patio is preferred. This particular day we were both coming from work, so we met in the middle at one of our old collegiate favorites, On The Border. 

I was asked to participate in the #PatioVida campaign, sponsored by On The Border. Even though this has a sponsored element to it, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Darling Down South possible. 

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Now that I’ve moved to the heart of the city it seems like patio seating is a necessity to the success of your summertime crowds. I will admit that a restaurant’s appeal goes up 10 fold if there is patio available and being able to leisurely drink my margarita and eat my queso while people watching through my reflected sunglasses makes the experience that much more enjoyable. 

Last Thursday when I text my sister about joining me for dinner at On The Border her response couldn’t have come through quick enough. I didn’t even mention the watermelon margaritas but she was down for the queso, so it took no convincing to get her there. I got there before her and quickly polished off a basket of chips and salsa, listening to my favorite bands on their speaker system and chatting on the phone with my mom as the summer storm winds blew by. The great thing about the On The Border patio is that it’s completely covered, so if a storm happens to blow through, you won’t have to worry about getting soaked and losing your table. 

When my sister finally arrived, we ordered a few classics to start: queso, extra large guac, and two watermelon margaritas. I’m a sucker for flavored margaritas, so I couldn’t wait to try the seasonal margarita they had. Best part, it was only $4! Second best part- it tasted like my favorite candy: sour patch watermelon kids. Then it was onto dinner, I went Dos XX Fish tacos and my sis got their beef burrito and another round of watermelon margaritas- even though some of their other margarita options were pretty tempting, like the Fresh Lime Skinny on their new Cantina menu which was made purely from lime juice and agave. 

Maybe it was the margaritas talking, or the buzz of summer ringing through the open patio’s air, but those Dos XX Fish Tacos were some of the best fish tacos I’ve had in ages. I didn’t mean to clean my plate, but I obliterated those fish tacos and they were delicious to the last bite- perfectly paired with the sweetness of the watermelon margarita. 

Once we both were finished with our meals, we sat there in ecstasy of a meal thoroughly enjoyed, chit chatting about current gossip and work things as the cicadas chirping grew quiet in favor of the thunder that was rolling in. The patio was the perfect, fun atmosphere we needed to get through the dredge of the day behind us. We both agreed we’d return before those watermelon margaritas leave for good on September 4th. Summertime means watermelon and with that watermelon margaritas after all! 

I definitely recommend visiting an On The Border near you and trying one of their seasonal margaritas out. You should note that the margarita is enhanced when drinking it patio side, and while you wait for it to come out, you should take their #patiovida quiz to see what your patio loving music says about you! My perfect playlist is Spice it Up, the first song was Justin Bieber’s Been You! Not my typical indie pop playlist, but a fun one all the same! 


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of On The Border . The opinions and text are all mine.


Author: Cynthia

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