Pink Gin Gimlet

Often overlooked, good Gin is a bar cart staple. 

There are many reasons why I love gin: mixes well with others, jazzes up lemonade, no potent odor and a history of sophistication and simplicity born out of a poorman’s drink and heavy British legislation. Nothing like a Cinderella story to really get you interested in something! 

One such recipe that I keep on hand at all times is the classic Gimlet: lime juice, simple syrup and Gin. 

But when I’m looking for something more fun and crowd pleasing, I add a touch of pink grapefruit to give it a feminine pink hue. 
Pink Gin Gimlet

Pink Gin Gimlet I can thank my Dutch heritage for concocting this liquor once used to aid in stomach ailments, gout and gallstones. However, one side-effect they didn’t intend: popularity of it to go from the medicine cabinet to the liquor chest. To make it more palatable, the Dutch flavored it with Juniper and it soon found it’s way into British hearts (and stomachs) after the 30 Years War where it was drunk as “Dutch Courage” and increased in popularity as a household spirit. Pink Gin Gimlet The Gimlet came about by taming the medicinal taste of Gin with citrus during sailors time on the sea in the 18th century. Fighting off Scurvy and taking their daily medicine of Gin, the lower decks at that time must have been a real party boat!

Pink Gin Gimlet Pink Gin Gimlet So here we are, over 400 years from the beginning and 400 miles away from the Sea and the gimlet still remains a world favorite cocktail. It can be whipped up in a pinch and you can add any sort of fruit to amp up the flavor and “wow” factor. A delightfully handsome drink recipe to have on hand for guests. 

The Pink Gin Gimlet

For this recipe you will need:

1.5 ounces high quality Gin, I used Hendricks

.75 ounces simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water, dissolved until clear) 

1 Lime

1/2 of a Pink Grapefruit

Crushed ice 

Thyme and lime slice for garnish

In a cocktail shaker, squeeze the juice of one lime and 1/2 of a pink grapefruit over ice. Add in simple syrup and gin. Shake until combined. Pour into a coupe and garnish with a sprig of thyme and a slice of lime. 

Serve chilled. 
Pink Gin Gimlet

Easy to whip up and even easier to drink! The citrus really masks any sort of alcohol flavor you may taste from gin. If you aren’t a Gin fan then this is the perfect introduction to get you well acquainted. 

If you pop over to instagram, you can see a delightful video of how easy this drink is to mix up! 

A little nip of whisky, and little drops of gin, makes a lady wonder where on Earth she’s been.”

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Author: Cynthia

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