Rainy Day at Zero George Street

I’ve not yet been to Charleston when it rains. However, this past trek to Charleston wasn’t met with such sunshine luck as we had with previous trips and we found ourselves darting between rain drops into storefronts and wading through the market that quickly went underwater during the deluge. When we finally made it to our hotel, Zero George, it was like walking into Eden on that rainy day, warmed instantly by the hot tea we were served upon arrival and the hospitable atmosphere from the concierge staff. 


First order of business was to ditch the waterlogged outfits we had arrived in and sub for one of their plush bathrobes and cappuccinos while we awaited cocktail hour to arrive. My new favorite schedule to adhere to on vacation is cocktail hour. Roughly every day from 4-6pm, it’s a time to relax from your already harrowing day vacationing and gather once again to share tales of your excursions with each other. 


With a little primp of our hair and a quick dress change, my sister and I were ready for cocktail hour at Zero George. Each guest is invited into the main house for a cheese and wine pairing at their leisure before dinner on the property or before they head off to one of Charleston’s other restaurants. 

Happy Hour Ensemble: Dress (under $100 fits true to size), this one is great for Fall || Shoes || Earrings 


We found a comfortable spot upstairs to settle down with our prosecco and a hearty cheese board while we waiting on our table to be ready for dinner.  

Zero George Street Happy Hour
If you remember, last year I paid Zero George street a visit for dinner on accident. I had meant to go to Cannon Green, however fate had other plans and set us up at Zero George instead. This year, I wanted to make sure my sister got to experience the amazing food that I had last year, so a dinner reservation was a must. I was particularly excited about their partnership with the George gallery and local artist, Whitney Kreb, who had outfitted the entire hotel in her lovely works of Charleston. 

We opted for the tasting menu  and it was nothing short of a fantastic foodie experience. Our dinner opened with Charcoal painted foie gras that was so incredibly buttery and rich, my mouth is watering thinking of how decadent it was. Next we moved onto a lobster roll with avocado crema and my favorite dish of the evening: the home grown radish in edible dirt made of black quinoa. 


We moved onto a pasta dish before chowing own on our mains- we went with seabass and beef wellington. Both superbly cooked and the fish couldn’t have been any fresher. After a 3 hour dinner experience, we headed back to the room to catch some shut eye from such a long day. Bellies and spirits brimming with contentment. 


The next morning it seemed like we had finally caught a break in the rain, so we headed across the courtyard to grab a quick bite to eat for breakfast. It was our last day in Charleston so we were moving slowly in order to soak up as much Charleston as possible. Lingering a little longer at the bar that the morning staff converts into a European style breakfast buffet and espresso bar. After we hijacked a cup of coffee and a newspaper for a leisurely read on the porch until every word had been read. 

Zero George Street Breakfast

Morning Ensemble: Beach Tunic (c/o Roberta Roller Rabbit) || White Shorts || Julie Vos Pendant || Sandals (Customs from Capri) similar 

While I had hoped we would have gotten to spend the morning biking the historic French Quarter on Zero George’s cute little mint bikes, the low and slow morning we had was one I wouldn’t have traded for the world. Even though the rain hadn’t spared us any kindness that weekend, I once again found a way to fall in love with Charleston. I suppose what they said about lovers can be said about places you love to visit: through thick or thin and stormy nights and sunny days, this place will always hold a fond place in my heart throughout any weather. 

Until next time Charleston. 

Author: Cynthia

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