3 Ways to Re-energize your Boring Morning Commute

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As you guys may know, I bought a car recently! After going carless for almost 8 months in a commuter-heavy city, I am truly surprised I lasted as long as I did.

Thankfully I was able to take the train to work every morning. At first, the experience was exciting, (how great is it that I could read my book and get to work consistently in 23 minutes every morning during peak rush hours!) however as time drug on, even my marvelous non-driving commute to work became mundane. After trying out driving to work again, I realized it wasn’t the transportation method that was making it mundane, it was my en-route entertainment. I don’t suggest reading and driving, but there are a few simple switches you can make that will help you re-energize your commute! Hint: one has to do with my new bold and bubbly morning drink!

How to Re-Energize your Morning CommuteHow to Re-Energize your Morning Commute1. Switch your Listening Entertainment

There are a plethora of things to listen to these days at the touch of a button. Through your radio or your favorite Spotify playlist, it’s easy to get fall into the same “Top 20” playlist trap. I’ve found listening to podcasts has really changed how I look at my commute. I’m able to learn something and get to work safely. The great thing is, you can find a myriad of podcasts to listen to that will fill your commute. I have really enjoyed listening to the Harvard Business Review podcast (it’s 22 minutes long) and I also love listening to creative business podcasts like The Creative Empire (closer to an hour.)

How to Re-Energize your Morning Commute How to Re-Energize your Morning Commute

How to Re-Energize your Morning Commute

How to Re-Energize your Morning Commute2. Add Some Energizing Effervescence

The way most of us energize our morning is with coffee, but lately, I’ve found it a bit flat. I’m not much of an energy drink consumer and I don’t have the patience to brew tea, so when I went grocery shopping at Kroger recently I started looking for a new alternative that didn’t have any artificial sugars. That’s when I remembered the Bai Bubbles, a 5 calorie alternative to my half-and-half coffee, I had had previously. Off to Kroger’s drink aisle, I went! For the last two weeks, I have since switched my morning coffee at the office for the effervescence of Bai Bubbles. I was even able to save some money with a coupon for $0.75 off of two cans (which you’ll definitely want!) which makes it way cheaper than my afternoon iced coffee habit. It doesn’t give you any jitteriness and has that energizing effervescence that’s helped cure my morning caffeine blues.

How to Re-Energize your Morning CommuteHow to Re-Energize your Morning Commute

How to Re-Energize your Morning Commute3. Pack an Easy-to-Transport Breakfast

I’m a big fan of breakfast on the go, whether it’s a banana, a smoothie, or a fruit and nut-packed homemade granola bar, I always find something to snack on during my commute into the office. Having a small meal on your commute helps break up the length of the entire trip. Sometimes I’ll wait until I get to certain points in my commute to eat my breakfast or pop open the Jamaican Blood Orange can of Bai Bubbles. It’s like a tasty mile marker and gives me something to look forward to in the morning.

Alongside my HBR podcast and a homemade granola bar, the bold fruit flavors of Bai Bubbles have really re-energized my drive or train ride into work! I can honestly say my morning commute into work is one of the things I look forward to most in the day. I’m currently crushing on the Jamaican Blood Orange and Blackberry Lime flavors, but there are so many other great flavors to switch it up with!

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