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The most surprising thing about becoming a mother is how incredibly difficult and competitive out of the house childcare is. When my husband and I got married in 2019, a friend told me if we planned on having children to get on the daycare waitlists now. I laughed it off thinking she was joking. However, I’ve found out the hard way that she is not! We’ve been on some waitlists in Atlanta since I was 8 weeks pregnant and at the time they told me it would be 1-3 years until a spot opens up. Here we are, our son is nearly a year old and I’ve been informed that these waitlists are still 1-3 years long. So if you’re planning a family anytime in the future, you may want to go ahead and review this list of best Atlanta daycares and get on the list.

Understanding Atlanta’s Daycare Scene

The Need for Early Waitlisting

Finding a spot for your child in a reputable daycare in Atlanta can be astonishingly challenging. Many parents, myself included, have learned the hard way that waitlists for quality childcare facilities can span years. Daycares accept waitlist additions for parents who are not currently expecting a child, and most will prioritize siblings over new parent enrollment. 

I read such surprising things from your responses on IG that some daycares even wanted you to “regularly check in with donuts for the staff” on how the daycare lists were moving along. 

At one of the daycares we are on the list for has a hidden requirement to get referrals from current parents to move up the waitlist. So needless to say I had all my friends email the administrators with a review of our family… but had one of you not told me about this, we’d likely never get off the list (as it’s currently 3 years long). 

Navigating new parenthood is hard enough, then you add the second job of wooing the daycare administrators to let you in. Which is why I turned to you all on Instagram for your advice on where you took your babies, and this is what you recommended! Thank you for helping glean some insight for other parents searching for this as well. 

Top 7 Atlanta Daycares for Shorter Waitlist

Best Atlanta Daycares

Editors note, Suzuki and Primrose both came highly highly recommended, however, from my personal experience, these two are the ones that have a 1-3 year waitlist as of March 2024. 

Dunwoody Baptist Church

Moms, give yourself a well-deserved break! On Tuesday and Friday Parents Morning Out at DBC offers loving childcare in a Christian setting. It’s a place where your kids grow in faith and friendship, all while you recharge. Don’t forget the lunchbox! This sanctuary offers a Parents Morning Out program that is a godsend for moms needing a break. e

Atlanta Montessori International School ( AMIS )

Just like a heartwarming recipe passed down through generations, Atlanta Montessori International School mixes traditional values like kindness and respect with a modern approach to learning. It’s a place where kids grow, play, and learn to love learning. A true gem for families! AMIS is a blend of traditional values and modern learning, offering a nurturing space where kids not only grow but fall in love with learning.

Northside Methodist

Moms, NMP is a joyous place where kids flourish in faith and fun, from art to sports before kindergarten!  Dive into diverse programs like Dual Language Immersion, ensuring a bright start. It’s more than a school; it’s a community of growth and love. Offering a joyous environment, Northside Methodist is more than just a school; it’s a community where children thrive in faith, art, and sports.

Northside Church Child Development Center

Northside Church Child Development Center is a gem for little ones, offering a safe, nurturing space filled with love and faith. It’s the perfect place for your child to grow, learn, and gain the confidence they need for preschool. This center is a nurturing haven, promoting growth, learning, and confidence in preschoolers within a faith-filled environment.

The Cathedral Preschool

The Cathedral Preschool is like a big, warm hug for your kid’s heart and brain. It’s a super fun place where they can paint, play, and learn about love and kindness. It’s all about starting off strong in a cozy, friendly spot. At The Cathedral Preschool, your child is embraced in a warm, fun environment, promoting strong starts in a friendly atmosphere.

Kiddos Early Learning Center

Kiddos Early Learning Center, lovingly founded by Lara Cornett, offers a joyful, nurturing space for kiddos 3 months to Pre-K. With a tight-knit community feel, small ratios, and a rich, creative curriculum, your child will thrive while you’re assured they’re in caring hands. They celebrate diversity, inviting families from all backgrounds to contribute to a vibrant, inclusive environment. 

Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool

Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool blends top-quality early education with a Christ-centered mission. Offering a nurturing environment where every child is cherished for their uniqueness, it’s a place where little ones grow in love, learning, and faith. Open to all, it’s a community committed to outreach and inclusion. This preschool combines top-quality education with a Christ-centered mission, emphasizing uniqueness, love, learning, and faith.

SO if you’re expecting anytime in the next 3 years, go ahead and put yourself on a waitlist for Daycare, you’ll be glad you did! And if the daycare you want isn’t available anytime soon, one of these preschools should be able to help you care for your child in the meantime. 

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