Revelator Coffee Atlanta

If there is one thing to know about me it’s that I LOVE coffee. 

There have been times in my life where I had gone on a coffee detox and it was the worst decision of my life. 

What am I to do on the weekend if my day doesn’t start at a coffee shop in town? 

I’ve been very fond of exploring Atlanta via delicious cups of morning brew, so when I heard that Revelator Coffee was open, I put it on my to-do list and popped down there for a cuppa-the-good-stuff. 
Revelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator coffee was designed with minimalism in mind. The walls are all white and adorned with white pieces of pottery. The only bits of contrast are the beautiful cognac leather chairs and couches draped with turkish style blankets and plush pillows. 

Revelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator Coffee Atlanta As any morning should in Atlanta, we started early that day and found ourselves in need of a caffeine rejuvenation promptly after we got going. Revelator Coffee Atlanta Without much hesitation we decided to pop into Revelator coffee and were welcomed with the smell of pour over coffee and fresh baked goods. 
Revelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator Coffee Atlanta Revelator Coffee Atlanta Revelator offers all sorts of nooks and cranies to get comfortable in and it isn’t coffee for just one type of person. 

You had the quiet hipster with her Dr. Dre beats silently sipping away reading a newspaper in the corner. 

A bunch of cool girls snapping selfies with an Instamax sitting by the window.

The Jock and his girlfriend strolled in ready to get their brew on. 

And then us; a good mix of Preppy meets Atlantan. 
Revelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator has more than just coffee, they also serve quick breakfasts and have a bevy of baked goods to sort through. 

Needing some sort of protein to soak up the caffeine, I went with a Spinach and Ricotta quiche. 

Revelator Coffee Atlanta  Revelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator Coffee Atlanta At first I almost regretted my decision because I thought I was going to end up eating some sort of vegan egg mixture, but upon first bite, I thought this was the real deal.  

Made from locally sourced ingredients in Atlanta, the quiche was wonderfully put together. Some of the vendors that they use in their meals are Flora and Flour, The Spotted Trotter and The Turnip Truck. 

I do love when restaurants add some local flair to their menus, it makes it much more unique than your mermaid clad cup of coffee. 
Revelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator Coffee AtlantaIt disappeared from my eyes as I savored every bite, hoping to be able to recreate the flaky crust and perfectly cooked center at home. It was odd eating a salad for breakfast, but it was also wonderfully refreshing. 
Revelator Coffee Atlanta Revelator Coffee Atlanta Revelator Coffee Atlanta Revelator Coffee AtlantaRevelator Coffee Atlanta 
Revelator Coffee Atlanta Overall, I was very pleased with Revelator’s low key atmosphere. The coffee was good, but I’m still a fan of Italian style coffee the most (you can blame the week in Italy for that!) however, nothing would stop me from coming back to get another quiche in the future! 

If you’re in Westside Provisions, I recommend popping by and trying some of their new menu such as the avacado toast and the breakfast cheese board! 

Author: Cynthia

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