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Rustic Peach Tart Recipe

This rustic peach tart recipe combines familiar spices with super-ripe Georgia peaches and pre-made pie crust for an incredibly easy and flavorful dessert. This recipe is inspired by the delicious flavors of summer in the South and creating easy, wholesome desserts the whole family will love. 

Peach Sweet Tea Float

This post is sponsored by Milo’s Tea Company. Thanks for supporting the companies that continue to help us bring you top notch content!  It’s the most humid time of year. The time when the weather is screaming for you to grab a cool glass of iced tea. Here in the south, that means you’re probably

Peach Ice Cream with Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookie Crumble

FINALLY, my exhaustive ice cream trials have yielded the smoothest, creamiest, homemade ice cream. Okay, maybe exhaustive is a little bit of a stretch but after 4 rounds of grainy, large ice crystal ice cream production, I was starting to get a little discouraged. How come I couldn’t make super creamy ice cream? Was my

Perfect Frozen Peach Bellini’s

This is summer. A frozen cocktail that doesn’t taste like a cocktail in a short glass, with a paper straw and 85°F weather looming on the horizon. It’s just begging you to kick your shoes off and sit with it all afternoon long. Or at least for the next hour because that’s how long it will

Blackberry Peach Crumb Bars

As we near the end of summer, the fruit gets a little sweeter. The summer rainstorms enable berries and peaches to plump up to the point of bursting, making it the perfect time to infuse them into every baked good our Kitchen Aid mixer can whip up. Last year, I couldn’t stop making this peach

Homemade Vanilla Peach Preserves

Let’s talk about how delicious peach everything is. I have long loved putting peaches in my recipes ( it basically comes with the territory of living in Atlanta your entire life), but the worst time of the year is when it’s not quite peach season but you’ve run out of your frozen peach stash from

Peach Blackberry and Prosciutto Flatbread

I’m obsessed with peach and prosciutto together in a recipe. I’ve made a peach and prosciutto flatbread once before on this blog, but this time around I wanted to zhoosh it up with the addition of this oil-free pesto (have you made it at home yet? I’m obsessed), some blackberries and Tillamook’s Mozzarella Shredded cheese. 

Sweet Like a Georgia Peach Cheerios

Thanks to General Mills Cereal who provided me with a couple of boxes of their new product to try as well as sponsoring this post. Although there was a sponsored element, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsorships that help keep Darling Down South running. In my house growing up, one

Peach Bread Recipe

We’ve lost the humidity in the city so I think that officially means it’s Fall, right? I know we have about two more weeks of “summer” but I’m already pulling out my sweaters, donning boots, and adding cinnamon and allspice to my seasonal breakfast bread recipes, like this peach bread recipe I made last week