Spice Drawer Organization (Takes Only 1 Hour)

I have either completely lost my mind or I have finally reached peak adult with this very neat spice drawer organization makeover. I’m going to lean toward the latter and say that I’ve finally become that adult who has an organized spice area in our kitchen. We debated where to put our spices when we redid our kitchen and settled on putting them in a drawer next to the oven. So the logical next step was to spend one hour categorizing them and transferring them into stylish glass containers.

Spice Jar OrganizationSpice Jar Organization Spice Jar OrganizationSpice Jar Organization Modern Spice Jar OrganizationModern Spice Jar Organization

As you can see from our before, it really wasn’t a horrible start. We had already agreed on having a spice drawer for our newly remodeled kitchen and we ordered custom inserts from a store online. I like having my spices alphabetically-organized but the problem was some of the bulk spices we ordered didn’t have a home and lived in our pantry. 

So began my trial and error ordering from amazon. I ordered and returned three sets before I finally find these ones which were the exact size and shape of the store spice jars and they came with a ton of labels, a chalk pen in case you wanted to write your own labels and a funnel to transfer the spices. 

I do not trust my penmanship enough to write my own labels and I didn’t like the pre-printed spice labels so enter the old school Dymo label maker. I saw a home blogger based in the UK use this in her kitchen organization and knew I wanted to emulate it. 

IT looks so clean and it’s really easy to keep a consistent labeling system across all your jarred items. 

Why do this spice drawer organization makeover in your home? 

Decanting spices helps you see how much of a spice you actually use and enables you to buy spices in bulk. One of our goals for this decade is to reduce single-use plastic, so being able to buy spices in bulk will help cut down on excessive clutter. 

P.S. friendly tip, spices don’t last forever but they do have long expiration dates. Make sure you check the date on the bottom of your spice jars when decanting them. If they are out of date, chances are it won’t be terrible just the efficacy of the spice will be reduced significantly. 

This spice drawer organization project was extremely easy thanks to the tools that these spice jars came with. I spent a little over an hour on this project for all 36 of our spices. If you’re looking for a little easy “home organization” win to tackle in the new year, this is a great place to start! 

You’ll need these two items and one hour to get this done at home! 

Spice Jar Organization

Author: Cynthia

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