How to Style Your Bedroom like a Magazine

I remember it like it was yesterday: I was freshly graduated from High School and looking forward to a summer spent carefree, sleeping in late, and slacking on all responsibilities in preparation for leaving for college in the Fall. That was until my mom told us that my Summer would have a couple of rules, one of them being you had to make your bed every morning. What!? How was I supposed to sleep in until 12 pm and run off to meet friends for lunch shortly thereafter? 

Styling Master Bedroom Like a MagazineAt the time, I resented the little bit of responsibility burdened on my shoulders. As I grew older though, I found joy in making the bed, and even styling it to bring out my personality. I’m always incorporating florals and textures into my bedding as well as an obscene amount of pillows. Are three throw pillows necessary? No. Am I going to have them? Absolutely. 

Now that I have settled into my new apartment, I’ve been collecting fun things to decorate with to make my Master Bedroom a true reflection of my personal style. There are a couple of components I have been incorporating that have truly made it feel like I’m living in a showroom, but it’s not so stuffy that it doesn’t feel off putting. Scroll to the bottom for more tips on how to incorporate these elements into your own space. 
Styling Master Bedroom Like a Magazine Styling Master Bedroom Like a Magazine Styling Master Bedroom Like a Magazine Styling Master Bedroom Like a Magazine Styling Master Bedroom Like a Magazine

How to Style Your Bedroom Like a Magazine 

One. Choose the right bedding. I love incorporating patterns when decorating. Since I know in the fashion world that floral and stripes go together, it was a natural transition into my bedding. This duvet cover that I got from Pottery Barn last year had a lot of great color in the pattern that I knew it would transition to all the seasons with different pillow pairings. I chose a blue striped throw that was the same shade as one of the blues in the duvet design, and I added accent pillows in those same colors: rust, light pinks, and blues. Expert tip: To make your duvet look super full like in a magazine, double up your duvet inserts. To make your Euro Shams extra fluffy, try to find a 28″ pillow insert since most Euro Shams are 26″. 



Two. The bedroom bench. The bedroom bench is a great alternative for those who do not have a footboard on their bed. It adds a touch of functional luxury and can be used as storage, a place to tie your shoes, or my personal favorite, a catchall for freshly folded laundry, purses, and laying out your outfit for the next day. Expert tip: get storage bins that fit underneath to house your extra blankets, slippers, and bathrobes. 


Three. Something old. If you are lucky enough to have a vintage trunk from a relative, they make great statement pieces in a bedroom. I hadn’t originally intended for mine from my great-great-grandmother to turn into my nightstand, but it’s been a nice contrast in my bright white bedroom. Expert tip: it hides any sort of closet overflow without guests knowing- this particular trunk is filled with Christmas decor. 


Four. Live florals or Greenery. I am a huge fan of preserved boxwood, it’s the one plant I can’t kill! But in reality, having something live or green brings a freshness to an otherwise sterile environment. Expert tip: buy preserved boxwoods in a variety of shapes and sizes and utilize them to fill in the holes. 


Five. Utilize wall space. Do as I say, not as I do (I also have plaster walls so hanging things is more difficult). Wall space is a great way to showcase knick-knacks, family photos, mirrors, and decorative design elements. Make sure to abide by the rule of three when hanging. Three objects across or verticle make for a more visually dynamic space. 



Six. At the end of the day have fun with it. Don’t get caught up in super matching items. None of my items were bought together on the same trip and none of my wood matches. Don’t buy something just because it’s trendy. If it isn’t true to your personal style, you’ll end up regretting it when something you really like comes your way. 

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