The 3 Best Places to Buy a Rug New & Vintage

Generally, rugs are expensive, and expensive purchases create a lot of “hemming and hawing” on my part, particularly because I’m obsessed with getting a good deal. Now that we’ve finished the bulk of our home renovation, I’ve been obsessed with covering up our newly finished 120-year-old floors with rugs. For someone who has been relatively commitment-averse when it comes to buying rugs, I’ve bought 5 over the past 3 months. The nice thing is, I shopped smart and got incredible deals on all of them. So if you are in the boat for buying a new rug, these are the best places to buy a rug. 

If you’re just starting out furnishing your home, there is a general rule of thumb that I go by “the closer the item is to your skin, the more you should spend on it.” I.E. don’t spend more on your drapes then your sheets, don’t spend more on your rug than your couch. 

That being said, I love a good vintage rug. The VERY FIRST purchase I made when we moved home was a vintage rug from Scott’s Antique Market that I had explicitly saved up for. The color and texture is gorgeous. Low pile, high style. It’s still my favorite rug in the house, and it’s also the most expensive “piece of furniture” we own. 

BUT I’ve been searching around the internet and have found a variety of inexpensive rugs online that, once brought home, look as incredible as my vintage runner and for full-sized area rugs, cost 1/2 to 2/3rds less than my vintage beauty. 

The Best Deal on *Almost Perfect New* Rugs

This rug shop on eBay is new to me but I’m already a fan. If you don’t mind a slight defect in an otherwise perfect rug, Pacific Home on eBay is where you’ll want to go to source a new rug at a phenomenally discounted price. For example, I got a 9’x12′ sisal rug whose defect was a “pulled thread” for $120. Retail that same rug would have been at least $400.

After unrolling my rug and inspecting it top to bottom, I couldn’t find the pulled thread. I’ve bought another rug from them again and very impressed with the speed of delivery and rug quality for “slight defects”. This shop is definitely one of the best places to buy a rug if you’re in the market for a great product at a super deal. 

The sisal rug I got from this shop was great and I used it in our Parlor refresh for layering under our Oushak (which I bought at one of my favorite Etsy stores below). 

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The Best Places to Buy a Rug 

If you’re looking for vintage rugs, I source all of mine at Scott’s Antique Market (in Atlanta) and Etsy. My favorite etsy seller is The Oushak Shop, I’ve bought two small rugs from them and they were excellent quality, no smell, and no damage. 

If you want vintage-inspired rugs, you’ll probably have noticed a company called “LoLoi” that’s popped up all over the internet. My favorite (and the internet’s favorite) rug is the Loren in Terracotta Sky. I found a great price on Amazon, and then I found an even better price on Overstock but it’s labeled a different name. 

I couldn’t believe it was the same rug (surely it was a rip off)  but I ordered both and sure enough, both were the Loren Terracotta Sky LoLoi rug, the Overstock one for 1/4 the retail cost. 

So judging by this, it seems that the Alexander Home collection at Overstock is the LoLoi collection of rugs found everywhere else but at significantly cheaper prices. 

Another source for well-priced rugs is Rugs USA. I just picked up this Tribal Medallion one from Rugs USA for under $400 for a 9×12. The customer photos look great and I can’t wait to receive it in the mail. 


The Best Etsy Sellers for Rugs 

Whenever I can source my vintage rugs in person, I definitely prefer to do that but when I’m craving a little online vintage hunting I always turn to etsy. I’ve purchased 5 rugs from various etsy sellers over the years and these are my tried and true favorites! 

Vintage Come Rug is where I sourced my parlor area rug. The colors were true to the photo and the shipping time was quick! I was also STUNNED at how small the package was that it shipped in. 

BelliniCarpet is where I’ve sourced my kitchen runners from. They’ve always supplied their shop with unique vintage oushak rugs and I love the variety they have. 

The Oushak Shop is where I’ve sourced a few small entryway rugs and while they were on the more expensive side, the quality was completely worth it. These rugs have held up incredibly well and were well maintained before coming to me. 

Other notable mentions are SafranCarpet, Oushak Hand Loom Rug, and Old Carpet Shop. While I haven’t shopped from them yet, they have piqued my interest with the variety they have on hand!  

So whether you’re shopping new or vintage, these are the best places to buy a rug that I have found. If you have any other sources, drop them in the comments below! 

The Best Places to Buy a Rug New & Vintage

Shop these vintage rugs here or by clicking on the corresponding image below. 

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