Thrift Store Chair Makeover

At a volunteer event with my team last year, I found my dream chair- solid wood, Louis the XV style chair with tufted arms but it was just in need of a little TLC and some new fabric before it became my actual dream chair. The greatest thing about this chair (compared to my actual dream chair) was that it was $55 and all the proceeds were going to a good cause. I was in, which meant a small project on the horizon for me.

Thrift Store Chair Makeover Thrift Store Chair Makeover

The first thing I had to do was find a fabric that I wanted. I knew I wanted something blue and white to make it into a statement chair, so I spent a couple of days choosing the exact fabric I wanted, bringing swatches home to make sure it would go with my décor theme. The fabric store I ended up purchasing my fabric from (which was on sale!) ended up offering reupholstery services in-house. I highly recommend this option because if you need more fabric, they’ll have the same pattern on hand and can easily add it to your total bill.

So I dropped the chair off at Karen’s Fabrics in Alpharetta, inquired about the wobbly arm being fixed, and sent her on her merry way to getting recrafted into my dream chair. She luckily didn’t need any new cushioning, so that saved my overall expense. After six anxious weeks, my chair finally came back: every bit I had expected and completely renewed and ready for her rightful space in my living room.

Total project cost: 

Original chair price: $55

Fabric: $85 

Reupholster cost: $245

Wobbly Arm repair: $45 

Total Price: $430 

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out. I didn’t have any of the wood refinished because I liked that natural worn look, and I’m extremely happy I kept the traditional double piping for the entire chair! I am thrilled with how much better this is than anticipated!

While the price of the project was definitely more than I had hoped, it was still about 1/3 the price of my dream chair, and this one is much more unique and something I’ll be happy to keep for a lifetime. 

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