Toyota XSP Choose Your Own Adventure

Being an equestrian my attraction to trucks is greater than the average girls would be. Country music boasts their love for trucks for muddin’, off roadin’, “checkin’ girls for ticks”, but I feel like growing up riding horses has given me the most appreciation for trucks. They were the reason I was able to take my horse to horse shows, the barn kids could all pile in the back with all of our tack and ride to the lower barn, they collected mud but no one mind the stains, dogs were welcome, and their tailgates made for excellent seats at a barn party. So when Southeast Toyota reached out to me again about trying out one of their new XSP Tundras, I said yes with nostalgic enthusiasm! 

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To kick off the SouthEast Toyota’s Choose Your Own Adventure campaign we spent an afternoon at Barnsley Gardens in North Georgia. By this time my Tundra had already been delivered to me by Drive Shop and I’d been testing it out for the better of three days in the city. Although it didn’t quite fit in my building’s parking deck it was a great vehicle for touring the highway and made for a quick and enjoyable trip up to my parent’s place in Northern Georgia. 

We arrived at Barnsley Gardens early on a Sunday with iced coffees in hand, eager to find out the schedule of events for the day forward. We were to start the day with a drive to their open fields to really test out the XSP packages. If you aren’t familiar with the XSP package it may be because the XSP package is only available in the SouthEastern market. It’s a pretty sharp looking truck complete with upgraded features such as all terrain wheels with black alloy rims, pocket flares, spray in bed liner- basically, everything you would want to upgrade your truck with but it comes off the lot like that. 

We were about to get a real sense of the handling by a thorough off road test. One that left me stuck in the mud-quite literally. If we were competing against anyone who could have the muddiest car, I would have won by a landslide. Finally, with the help of the Toyota Tundra (and a bit of man power) we got unstuck and were on the road back to lunch. A barbeque feast fit for a Southern king awaited us of pulled pork, chicken, beans, slaw, and squash casserole. For dessert, the largest cast iron of peach cobbler waited at the ready to dive into. 

After a round of clay shooting and a fly fishing demonstration, we were bid farewell onto our own adventure with Toyota but not before a quick trip (and a quick change) to the historic ruins that set on the property. 

Author: Cynthia

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