This is What you Voted to See More of in 2018

To wrap up a great year of 2017, I polled some of you over on Instagram to see what you wanted more of using Instagram’s new Story Poll feature (P.S. are you following on Instagram? If not, pop over here to do so!). I wanted to get a feel for what you want in 2018 and figured since it got such great (and semi-surprising) response I felt I’d share what you can expect to see more of in 2018! 

rust pants outfit fall office style how to wear a neck scarfQuestion: When it comes to fashion do you want more classic or trendy styles? (Featured image from this post here.)

84% of you guys voted classics! I love classic wardrobe pieces so it makes me happy that you guys want to continue seeing more of that content. I think my current work situation spent 9-5 in an office and 5-9 working on this blog means that I need to have a flexible, smart-dressy wardrobe that can take me from office to after work event and carry over to the weekend, so I’m glad to see that you guys want to continue seeing more of that. Are there any specific topics you want me to tackle? Workplace wardrobes, casual Fridays, etc. Let me know and I’ll do my best to incorporate it for you! 

When it comes to travel you guys prefer to see travel guides versus daily travel recaps. (Featured images from this Charleston recap here

This one was not quite that shocking because travel guides are easier to consume than daily travel recaps. How about I do daily travel recaps with a travel guide to finish it off? That way, you can get best of both worlds! On the travel itinerary so far for 2018 I have: Whistler Canada, Naples Florida and Augusta Georgia. There may be one other international trip in the works but that one isn’t set in stone so I don’t want to spoil the surprise JUST YET. 

Peach Walnut Breakfast Bread

Question: When it comes to recipes, y’all want to see “Quick & Easy” over “Creative & Inspiring”. (Featured image from this delicious post here.) 

This one sorta broke my heart because I love coming up with inspiring and creative recipes for y’all (I want to have a cookbook, I gotta hone in on my skills!) but I totally get it no one wants to spend an afternoon making  Orangettes most of the time. Since more than three-fourths of y’all want to see quick and easy recipes, I’ll start beefing up my recipes with easy things like this delicious tahini potato salad and these easy tailgate ready ham sliders (paging college football championship viewers!) 

Backyard Grilling

Almost 90% of you wanted to see more tips on Entertaining at Home! Yay! (Featured images from here and here)

I love entertaining. I think I like the work that goes into it: meal prep, drink mixing, table setting, ambiance perfecting… It’s such a fun way to utilize so many different interest of mine, then to see it all come together and my guests’ eyes light up in appreciation is THE BEST feeling. I am actually excited to announce that I will be teaching a mini-workshop at the Pinners conference here in Atlanta all about entertaining and tablescapes! I would LOVE to see you there! If you decide to get tickets, you can get 10% off when you buy tickets here with my code “DARLING”. More details to come!  

80% of you guys want to see more involved stories with more detail about the farmer/ store/ vinter/ cheese monger/ etc featured in the story! (Featured image from here). 

This is MY FAVORITE result of the entire poll! I love that you guys want to know more about the brands that I select to work with. It’s really fun to work with local artisans, small companies, and thriving farmers here in the South. I love the low and slow movement and appreciating a job well done. I can’t WAIT to share some of the projects I’ve dreamed up to work on this Spring and Summer and hope you look forward to them too! 

And most surprisingly…

You guys were equally torn whether you wanted more Atlanta or Southeastern Travel Content!(Featured image from here). 

Which is GREAT because I love my lil ol’ city as much as I love to travel to different places and I love sharing that exciting content with you! See all my travel content here and through my travel hashtag here. Plus it makes me really excited that the project I’m working on (set to launch Summer 2018) will be well received! 

Thank you all again for such an amazing 2017! 2017 exceeded my expectations in so many ways, and I’m truly grateful that you all love to read this content as much as I love to produce it for you! If you want content delivered to your inbox, be sure to sign up for my newsletter here

Cheers to a wonderful 2018! So many Darling things in store! 

Author: Cynthia

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