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Something I’ve never quite gotten into as I’ve lived on my own (or heck even when I had my own room while living with the ‘rents) was decorating the walls. I suppose much like with rugs and dining room tables, I have commitment issues with decorating the walls. Maybe that’s because I’ve never found a piece that spoke to me enough to commit until I met Well & Wonder
Well and Wonder Art Collective

Hannah Betzel “French Lace” c/o Well and Wonder Art Collective 

Okay, so maybe ‘commitment issues’ is a horrible term for my feelings on decorating the walls. Perhaps it’s more like I’m very picky. I’m not settling for a so-so piece. If it doesn’t pull at my heartstrings and make me feel something, then it likely isn’t coming home with me. I need my art to have sentimental value, as with the enlarged copy of a love letter my grandfather wrote to my grandmother in the early months of them dating. I want to look at my walls and be able to say without a doubt “This piece means something to me, and I love it for what it is.” 
Well and Wonder Art Collective

However, this year I have found something that will be revolutionizing my white walls (and robbing my paychecks from me): Well & Wonder Art Collective. Well & Wonder is an online art collective featuring original works by emerging Southern Artists. They boast an impressive online art gallery for art collectors of all levels with pieces that are bright and poppy, abstract and colorful, or dark and geometric.

As I was sifting through the pages, my eye was immediately drawn to Hannah Betzel’s mixed media piece “French Lace”. The twisted lines of the charcoal outlining the beautiful bright turquoise juxtaposed with the loveliest of golden marigold colors had me completely smitten from the moment I laid my eyes on it. I had no idea where I was going to put it, but I knew, I had to have it.
Well and Wonder Art Collective

At that moment, I had become an art collector and it is all because of Well & Wonder. What I love the most about this online art collective is that each piece is the actual original from the artist. Her signature is not just a photocopy, but the physical loops and scrolls of her hand signing off on a job well done. When I finally opened my art in my new apartment, I smiled at the thought of the invisible bond we shared. Like a favorable horcrux, artists pour a piece of themselves into each piece they create, and there between us lies a connection that will last so long as I take care of her creation as intended.

Well and Wonder Art Collective

One thing is for certain, when this piece comes back from the framers, it will be a piece I admire for what it is and who it was made by.  Thank you Well & Wonder for connecting us. 

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