Westside Market

Sometimes Atlanta keeps secrets from me. 

Completely rude, I definitely agree. But alas, she has secrets that sometimes get shared and then sometimes forgotten. 

I was happy enough to stumble upon the most wonderful secret that I had never heard of: Westside Market. 
Westside Market

For some residing IN THE PERIMETER, Westside Market might not be a full on secret, but for me, it was a treasure chest on a map marked with an X and when I found it, I realized, my life would never be the same again. 

Westside Market is a mutli-faceted shop that has mini antique shops on one side and specially curated selection of home furnishings on the other. 

A new home owner’s dream come true, especially for those scouring for unique and one of a kind goodies. 
Westside Market The warehouse is immense, easy to get lost in for a day and wondering what year it is when you exit. 

I started poking around the store with childlike eyes, wide-eyed ogling at the different design stations around every corner. Westside Market There were modern fixtures nestled next to classic rooms, and patterned wingback chairs next to acrylic desks. 

A humble and jumble of wonderful things waiting for their rightful owner to come and scoop them up at a moment’s notice. Westside Market My particular favorite of the store was the selection of rugs. 

There were two story tall rugs. Westside MarketHand woven rugs. 

Westside Market And rugs I wanted to roll up and walk out the store with. Westside Market It was a rug lover’s dream, and if I had the money, the red rug above would be currently taking it’s prideful spot on my living room floor for all to admire. Westside Market I had the pleasure of hearing about the different techniques and designs used on the rugs by the rug expert himself: Mansour Ansari. 

He hand selects every rug for his impressive collection and even helps procure antique hand spun persian rugs and rare designs for clients. One I was particular fond of is called the Mahi pattern. Much like the fish, this pattern is four repeating fish throughout the entire design! Truly beautiful. 

One rug can take up to a year to make! Westside Market As I was walking back around to the front after getting stuck into the rug selection, my heart stopped and a ghost of want’s past stared me straight in the eye. 

This leather saddle has been pinned on my pinterest since 2009. I always said if I found the chair, I would buy it immediately whatever the cost! 

However, my pockets weren’t that deep that day, so I vowed to the chair I’d return for her again another day and kept my pace heading to the front. Westside Market Westside Market Westside Market All sorts of ecclectic bits and baubles pop out of each corner. It was extremely hard not to plop down my credit card and tell them to wrap up entire rooms. Westside Market

Westside Market is a great way to spend an afternoon when you find yourself with too much time on your hands. 

Might I suggest brunch first right down the street? 

You can find Westside Market at 1530 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd, Atlanta. 

Happy hunting! 

Author: Cynthia

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