What To Look For When Buying A Home

On my most recent “ask me anything” I had a reader ask me how I found the fixer-upper apartment that we completely renovated last summer and the truth is   I got lucky and my husband had lived there for an extensive period of time and when he found me I found the apartment. However, before we were engaged I was looking for an apartment or small home that had good bones so that I could renovate it on my own time in the future. Last year I partnered with Opendoor to bring you a post all about sticking to your resolutions and this year we’re talking about what to look for when buying a home. 

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What To Look For When Buying A Home

especially if it’s your first home and you plan on renovating!

  1. Make sure it has good bones: Meaning that the roof, the driveway, the foundation and the plumbing are all up to code and livable standards. The worst thing that can happen is you find mold and rot when tearing down your walls which take an extensive hit to your overall budget and timeline to get the renovation completed. 
  2. Make sure the house has a good flow: flow means that when you take down non-supporting walls you still have a space that is livable and not too roomified. If you plan on completely moving the kitchen just remember that it will be a huge added expense to transfer gas and plumbing lines. 
  3. Ignore the cosmetic issues: Ugly cabinets and bad backsplashes are not a monster make. Heck, even if someone tiled over a wood floor, there is a chance you can come back from that. The cosmetic issues should be the least of your worries when buying a home because a lot of bad paint colors can be covered up with a weekend of painting. 

Finally, let’s talk about Opendoor! I love this service as it is the most millennial service out there, meaning I can buy and shop for houses on my own time without a real estate agent. Opendoor allows you to gain keyless entry into a variety of houses right through their app. All you have to do is confirm your email and identity with a government-issued ID to tour a house whenever you want. Opendoor has even made it incredibly easy to purchase, you can purchase a home straight through the app. If you find yourself a busy professional like me and want to tour a home on your own time, this is the most unique way to do that. 

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