Packing for the South of France

I am officially counting down the days until we head to the South of France later this month! We’ve had this vacation planned since Christmas and I can hardly believe that it’s coming up in just a few short weeks! I haven’t been to France since study abroad in 2011 (which is where all of these photos originated from with a little modern-day editing) and I can’t wait to get back. I’ve already been practicing my French (who said 7 years of French wasn’t going to come in handy?) and have been shopping since March for all of our adventures. We have an exciting itinerary packed for the French Riviera and I can’t wait to share all of our adventures with you guys when we’re there!

Packing for the South of FrancePacking for the South of France Packing for the South of FrancePacking for the South of France

Questionable early 2010’s style sense… I wore those shoes INTO THE GROUND. 

Packing for the South of FrancePacking for the South of FrancePacking for the South of FrancePacking for the South of France

This will be my fiancé’s and my first trip to the French Riviera so we can’t wait to explore all that it has to offer. We rented a beautiful house outside of Nice that’s close enough to walk to some of the markets and the beach and I definitely plan on taking advantage of being so close to the Mediterranean by devouring every buttery French fish dish they have to offer and swimming in the cool blue waters. 

I’m going to be living in dresses and jumpsuits and don’t plan on styling my hair at all while we’re there. I’m just going to let my natural curls take center stage in all their wild glory and stuff them under a hat when necessary. The French Riviera is extremely colorful so I’m planning on matching the surroundings by wearing tons of floral dresses and when we head down to the ocean, you can count on me wearing a striped swimsuit and linen palazzo pants.

I’m still looking for that perfect sandal to walk about town in and I’m definitely packing my favorite pair of raffia mules for a more fancy occasion. I really love these Carrie Forbes sandals but I’m not too keen on dropping that much money on a pair of sandals. There are still some great summer sales going on that I might look into for further inspiration. 

I’m trying to be mindful of my packing situation as I do have a lot of items I’m shopping for while we’re over there, plus I think it’s extremely fun to save one day for shopping for a new outfit while you’re in whatever location, that way, you can really feel like a local!

C’est la vie!

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