5 Creative Places to Hang Christmas Wreaths

I love decorating with Christmas wreaths. If you read our post about traditional Christmas decor, you may recall that I don’t like cleaning up pine needles so I try to stay away from large Christmas trees that make a lot of mess- which makes the addition of Christmas wreaths a great way to add greenery around the house. If you need some inspiration on where to hang wreaths that aren’t your front door, check out the inspiration below to get you ready for the Holidays. 

Where to Hang Wreaths that Aren’t Your Front Door 

wreaths on windows

Create a two-tiered hanging display on the largest windows in your home 

I was inspired by Anastasia of the Identite Co to add some greenery to my dining room windows as well. I believe she mentioned that this was a minimalist Scandanavian Christmas decorating aesthetic and it’s one that I’m going to use every year from here on out in #ThisRuffHouse

Traditional Southern Christmas Decor

Hang with Ribbon on Mirrors 

Using a little bit of double-sided tape, you can easily add some festivity to your bathrooms by hanging a wreath on your mirror. I like the look of magnolia leaves on this mirror to add a touch of “southern charm” for the Winter Holidays. I liked this look so much, I left it up until Valentine’s day. Who says Christmas decorating has to be until December 25th anyhow? 

Hang on Bookshelves 

We love the look of wreaths on bookshelves. Use pin nails and some ribbon in your color palette to hang for simple and elevated decor. 

Add a Wreath to your Cooking Backsplash/ Hood Range 

If your cooktop backsplash is tall enough, hang a wreath above your range (being careful to spend extra attention to it being secured so it doesn’t fall while you’re cooking) or add it to your hood range. This helps bring a little festivity to your cooking area as well. 

Single Wreaths in Windows 

Traditional Christmas decor would be remiss to mention hanging a wreath on your single windows. We love the look of a simple wreath with starry fairy lights or a single battery-powered candle sitting in a window. 

There you have it! A few fun places that aren’t doors to hang Christmas wreaths this Holiday season. 

Author: Cynthia

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