Wolf Mountain Vineyards

A couple weekends ago, Monique, Paolo, and I decided to make the most of a crisp Fall day and drive along Georgia’s Wine Highway in Dahlonega to find a good place to whet our whistle. 

Off of Hwy 60, Riley Road pointed us towards an interesting sign labeled “Wolf Mountain Vineyards” so we whipped our car down the street and landed upon a wolf sign welcoming us in for Wine and bites! 
Wolf Mountain VineyardsUpon entering the tasting room, you’re greeted with a large horse shoe shaped bar with bartenders tending the very crowded counter space and we found a good spot by the corner to squeeze in. 

After a friendly hello and a quick run down on the varietals and our tasting selection, we were promptly poured a welcome glass of bubbles. 

Wolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain Vineyards Wolf Mountain VineyardsFirst up was a light Blanc de Blancs Brut they age for a year that has hints of citrus, spice and refreshingly crisp on the already crisp cool day. An excellent wine to serve with cheese, fish and for celebrations, I put it on my list “to buy” before we left. 

Wolf Mountain Vineyards Wolf Mountain Vineyards

As our stomach’s began rumbling, Paolo rushed off to order some bar snacks for us. We had all intentions at eating at the lovely cafe upstairs but they were booked solid for 3 weeks! I’ve eaten there once before and I highly recommend trying out their lunches, they are spectacular! Wolf Mountain VineyardsA few moments after our order was placed, pimento cheese and a charcuterie board appeared in front of us. 

This was hands down THE BEST pimento cheese I’ve had in my life. It almost tasted as if it had been smoked on the Big Green Egg and it was delicious! 

Wolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain Vineyards

Next up, we were served a cheeky glass of Brut Rosé. Deliciously fresh and it’s the most beautiful dark pink color. An excellent bubbly rosé to serve guests this Christmas. 

Feeling the warmth starting to settle in on our cheeks, we quickly popped outside for some fresh air on their balcony. 
Wolf Mountain VineyardsI believe Autumn is my favorite time to visit wineries in North Georgia because the landscape is completely transformed into a golden and auburn colored wonderland. The vineyards are ablaze with yellow leaves and the mountains peak through in the back dotted with orange oaks. 

Wolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain Vineyards

However, this particular weekend was a very cold one, so we finished our glass of rosé and squeezed back inside for a glass of the Plenitude. A blend of Chardonnay and Viognier and aged in steel to preserve the acidity of the wine. Perhaps one of my favorite white wines to date! 
Wolf Mountain VineyardsAfter about an hour, a whole basket of palate cleansing breadsticks and two plates of bar snacks, it was time to move onto the red wines. The Howling Wolf Red was poured for us and we cheersed and cheesed at each other.

A sweeter, lighter bodied red wine, it was the perfect “beginner’s guide to red wine” you could ask for. If you don’t like red wine (currently) try a bottle of this and you will quickly be a believer!

Not to mention 1 glass red wine is basically as good for you as an hour of cardio. #science #healthbenefits
Wolf Mountain Vineyards Wolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain VineyardsSadly our final glass of red wine was poured for us, the Instinct varietal which is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Touriga and Tannat. 

The blend of these grapes make this one a full bodied red, rich in berry flavors and let your tongue linger with elegant tannins. 

When we had drained the last drops of wine, we said our thank yous to the barkeeps and decided to take a little stroll around the property. 

Wolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain VineyardsJeans || Booties || Hat (c/o) || Blanket Scarf (c/o)|| White Button Down || Equestrian Vest (almost sold out, try this one too!) || Earrings || Bracelets || Purse

The weather we had experienced the other weekend was extremely cold, and although I loved it, I wasn’t as prepared as I had thought I was for it especially in the mountains. Luckily I had this cozy blanket scarf from Swoozies which I could double as a shawl. I love that it has my monogram on it, now no one can question whether or not it’s mine if I loan it out to friends. 

It was also extremely windy that day, so I’m glad I had this hat from the new Stand Up To Cancer collection that Revolve has right now. 

Revolve has partnered with a lot of amazing designers (like For Love of Lemons, House of Harlow, etc) that have each contributed something unique to the collection that will directly benefit cancer research. I love when fashion and charity comes together! Especially when large designers who are very influential help make a difference! Trickle down influence, just in time for Thanksgiving! Wolf Mountain VineyardsIf you haven’t been to North Georgia during Autumn, you’re greatly missing out. Fall is harvesting season for the North Georgia Wineries, so the workers are busy and the vines are glowing in golden leaves, sometimes hiding forgotten grapes amongst the leaves. 
Wolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain VineyardsWolf Mountain Vineyards Wolf Mountain Vineyards
Wolf Mountain Vineyards Wolf Mountain VineyardsJeans || Booties || Hat (c/o) || Blanket Scarf (c/o)|| White Button Down || Equestrian Vest (almost sold out, try this one too!) || Earrings || Bracelets || Purse

When the howling wind became too much, we headed down the rows of vineyards, past the lodge and quickly jumped back into the sun-warmed car to head home. 

A lovely afternoon with friends amongst some of the best Georgia wines. It was a perfect Sunday. 

If you would like to visit Wolf Mountain Vineyards (which I highly recommend, it is THE BEST), find their website here. They are 50 minutes north of Atlanta straight up 400 past the outlets. 

Author: Cynthia

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  • I have not had a chance to visit Wolf Mountain Vineyards yet, but it looks absolutely beautiful this time of year! It’s definitely on my list for the spring!

    • You definitely need to! I’ve been to quite a few North GA vineyards and this one is the best!