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How to Make a Windowsill Herb Garden



  1. Make sure you have a sunny windowsill (at least 3 hours of light), where your herbs will survive. South facing windows are ideal.
  2. Purchase your favorite small herb plants (or seeds) from your local hardware store. I sourced mine from Pike's Nurseries .
  3. Make sure you have a planter that is at least 6 inches deep, I like this variety.
  4. Use soiless potting mix to avoid soil born disease. Make sure the mix is well draining.
  5. Start by putting 2-3 inch layer of potting mix at the bottom. You want light and well draining soil. If your herbs sit in wet soil, their roots can rot from over hydration.
  6. Carefully remove the herb from it's original pot by firmly gripping the base of the herb and slowly wiggling the plant out. Place your herb in it's new container and lightly loosen the roots.
  7. Fill in the holes between your herbs with potting mix, gently pressing the soil to compress the plants in. Leave about an inch at the top for watering.
  8. Water the plants immediately to help them settle into their new home.

Recipe Notes

Water your herbs sparingly. Herbs don't like to sit in wet soil and drain your saucer when excess water accumulates.
To test if your plants need water, poke your finger in the soil about 2 inches down, if the soil is wet don't water, if the soil is dry, lightly water.
Always try and water until the excess drains out (then remove excess water). If you repeatedly give your herbs water, a white salt film (looks like white mold) will accumulate on the top.
Feed your herbs every other month with a fertilizer, like this one, that is labeled for food consumption.
Try to avoid cutting your herbs until you see new growth. Once you do, you can clip about 1-2 inches from the herbs as needed.