About the Author

In July of 2018, I took a strategic leap to pursue Darling Down South full-time. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Finance and dedicated the past six years of my career to trying out different facets of the Finance field. I had the amazing opportunity to oversee the Global Sales Operations at a software procurement company, from that job I moved into sales-incentive design, and most recently worked in executive compensation. While all of these jobs were fulfilling in their own right, none satisfied my creativity quite like writing on Darling Down South has.

I started Darling Down South as an outlet to practice writing outside of college. Although I had majored in Finance, I had always aimed to become a professional writer. With the financial market crash in 2008, my practical mother encouraged me to pursue my business degree and a passionate finance professor at my university encouraged me to declare my major as Finance. 

Over the past 3 and a half years creating content on this platform, I have had so many wonderful opportunities to write for some local and national publications. I have produced a featured editorial, curated a styled shoot, and produced and wrote a cover story for Points North Magazine. In September of 2018, I will have the immense pleasure of sharing my trip with Alabama Travel in Garden & Gun magazine both in print and digitally

As I continue to dive into working full time on Darling Down South (and full time on my digital marketing company Darling Digital Strategy) I aim to build out more recipe video content with the launch of our YouTube channel, create a digital (and potentially print) seasonal Darling guide and am working on launching a product in collaboration with another company by the end of the year.

Since I have reached my goal of contributing to the journalism industry by writing, I have realigned my goal for Darling Down South to be a source of inspiration on the well-enjoyed Southern lifestyle. This isn’t a place where you’ll find quick content, but a retreat that I hope you enjoy digesting slowly. Whether you are inspired by a unique recipe or a thoughtful review of some of my travels, I hope it brings you as much joy reading it as I enjoy writing it. 

On a personal note, I am not a true born Southerner but a Californian born to Northeastern parents who uprooted our life in the Bay area to live in Metro-Atlanta in the early 90’s. It wasn’t until in college when I non-ironically said ‘y’all’ for the first time that I realized how natural it was for that word to slip out and it dawned on me that I was actually Southern at that moment. I have always had an affinity for classic style and use every dinner out as an opportunity to dress up.  I consume old movies with the same voraciousness as I do old novels. My overactive imagination leads me to agree with the statement that the book is always better than the movie and Funny Face will always be my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie.

While I thoroughly enjoy writing, nothing in the world touches my love for riding horses. I competed on the collegiate level and spent a small fortune after college to train with one of the best trainers in Georgia for a year and a half taking home a couple of first place ribbons along the way. I wouldn’t trade those years for a minute and deeply miss being in the barn around horses every day. I hope one day in the future I can compete on the national level and would love to open up an equestrian center to help adults and children learn coping skills by rehabilitating them with equine therapy. 

If you would like to read more about the brand, Darling Down South, you can do so here. If you would like to work together to produce a story, you can do so here

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