Fall Dining Room Decorating Ideas That Will Wow You

If you’re like most people this time of year, you probably spend a lot of time entertaining in your home. Whether it’s just family or a larger group, the dining room is often the setting for holiday meals and family celebrations. A dining room is where you can show off your style and taste, not only with what’s on the table, but with the furniture itself.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for how to showcase your personal style in your dining room, here are some ideas that will help make your next Fall gathering a hit.

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Grasscloth Parlor Reveal

I have never been happier with the result of a project quite like this. After a mishap with ordering too little of the grasscloth and finally finishing the install, I can honestly say- it was worth the effort. This modern traditional parlor is better than I could have ever imagined it and I’m looking forward

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Easy & Impressive Rustic Spring Quiche Recipe

Who doesn’t love the simplicity of a quiche? I think quiche truly shines in the spring when you can load it up with leftover farmer’s market veggies like broccolini, leeks, and all the spring onions your heart desires. This rustic spring quiche recipe does feature just that: leeks, broccolini, and tons of spring onions. It’s

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Puff Pastry Carrots with Boursin & Asparagus

If you’re looking for a fun appetizer to serve for Easter brunch, look no further. These puff pastry carrots are not carrots at all but actually stuffed with herby, garlicky cheese, and asparagus for a fun twist on a simple appetizer. It is truly a three-ingredient recipe that will delight your family this Easter and

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Strawberry Cream Cake & Taittinger for Easter

I relish in the predictability of pairing champagne with strawberries. There is not a combination that is more fit for each other, especially now that the strawberries are ripening and the weather is warming. As we near Easter, instead of selecting an obvious choice for dessert, I hope you choose to make this strawberry cream

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