Top Parent Picks: The 6 Best Toddler Car Seats

As we near the final days with our Doona infant car seat, I’ve had to start thinking about what car seat we want next. Which, much like building a baby registry, takes a considerable amount of time to sift through the masses. So I asked you all on Instagram what you guys love for your toddler car seat, and thanks to you we not only found the best toddler car seat for our family but rounded up the best toddler car seats you can buy! TL;DR get one that swivels, it’ll save your back!

The 6 Best Toddler Car Seats (as voted by you on Instagram!)

Number 1: The Evenflo 360 

Top Parent Picks: The 6 Best Toddler Car Seats - The Evenflo 360 

Moms found the Revolve360 Slim a game-changer! It’s a breeze to install once and rotates easily for switching modes. The extended rear-facing option adds so much peace of mind, and the Sure360™ System makes everything feel secure. It’s all about keeping little ones safe with simplicity and a touch of genius. It simplifies life in ways you’ll love!

As of March 18th, you can get the Evenflo Revolve at Walmart for $299. 

Number 2: Nuna Rava 

Top Parent Picks: The 6 Best Toddler Car Seats - Nuna Rava 

Moms of tall infants and toddlers love the RAVA™ Convertible Car Seat by Nuna! Its plush comfort, straightforward secure installation, and thoughtful extras like more legroom and adjustable recline make every trip a breeze. With advanced safety features that exceed standards and materials carefully chosen for health and safety, it’s a worry-free car seat for mom and babies from infancy to toddler years.

Number 3:  Graco Premier 4Ever DLX Extend2Fit

Top Parent Picks: The 6 Best Toddler Car Seats - Graco Premier 4Ever DLX Extend2Fit

Moms, meet the Graco® Premier 4Ever® DLX Extend2Fit® 4-in-1 Car Seat car seat: a 10-year companion that’s a breeze to install with SnugLock Technology. It smoothly transitions through all your child’s stages, with extra rear-facing legroom for longer, safer journeys. Plus, the anti-rebound bar adds safety in a snap. Designed for peace of mind in every ride, it’s perfect for keeping your little ones secure and comfy as they grow. A true gem for hassle-free travels!

Number 4: Clek® Fllo Compact Convertible

Top Parent Picks: The 6 Best Toddler Car Seats - Clek Fllo

For moms looking for the ultimate toddler car seat, Fllo has it all. It lets kids stay rear-facing up until they’re four, blending top-notch safety features like crumple technology and a steel anti-rebound bar. The slim design is a dream for fitting three seats across, ideal for families with more kids. Installation is a snap with its LATCH system, and it’s fully recyclable. Fllo is not just a car seat; it’s a smart choice for parents who prioritize safety, convenience, and caring for the planet.

Number 5: Britax One4Life ClickTight® All-in-One

Top Parent Picks: The 6 Best Toddler Car Seats - Britax One4Life ClickTight

One4Life car seat is a mom’s best friend from newborn to big kid. It’s super safe, easy to install with ClickTight®, and transitions from rear to forward to booster seat. Plus, it’s comfy for kids with cooling channels and a soft touch. Easy adjustments and cleaning make life simpler. It’s a worry-free, durable choice for keeping your child secure and comfortable on the road.

Number 6: Graco Turn2Me

Top Parent Picks: The 6 Best Toddler Car Seats - Graco Turn2Me 3-in-1

Graco’s car seat is every mom’s dream for hassle-free travel! From the first ride home to every journey that follows, its one-hand rotation feature lets you effortlessly get your baby in and out. Boasting exceptional safety and comfort, it grows with your child, enhanced with top-notch crash protection for peace of mind. The simple setup process keeps everything organized, offering a helping hand on those hectic days. A true ally for secure, cozy adventures with your little ones – it came highly recommended! 

At the end of all this research, we ended up going with the Nuna Rava because we need the extra legroom for our 99%ile height son. My friends with tall babies also recommended the Nuna Rava as they’ve found it fits them the best. Not too mention when we test fit these in our Aviator, it fit the best. Whichever car seat you end up going with on this list, you’ll be happy knowing that your little one is going to be in the best toddler car seats that – most importantly- swivel to you to get them in. 

Author: Cynthia

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