About the Brand

Darling Down South set off to define the modern southerner. 

My intention is to explore modern life in the South.

As a transplant to Atlanta pre-1996 Olympics, I never quite felt like a “southerner” and more like a misfit valley girl in a humid climate. In college, I embraced Lilly Pulizter, sorority life, the art of throwing a themed party and all things print and pattern. It was this head-first dive into prepster-hood that I finally felt like I found my niche.

And then I found Pinterest and the wonders of Southern life unfolded like the art of throwing a dinner party, decorating with wallpaper, ethereal Southern destinations, and all the good-fried food that comes with it. It was this tip of the Southern-fascination iceberg that allowed me the confidence to start Darling Down South. 

Thus, Darling Down South became my lifestyle blog to encapsulate all of the things I loved about the south: the food, the travel, the clothing, and the interior decorating but with a new-age perspective on old ideals. 

Through my blog I wanted to showcase a different kind of South that was not “hey y’all and yeehaw” but a refined, coming of age addendum to Southern themes with modern ideals. 

In these pages, I hope you find just that- a fresh approach to Southern culture. 

It is a modern Southern life well explored.

The Swan House Atlanta

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