About the Brand

Darling Down South offers daily inspiration in living a Southern lifestyle in a major metropolitan city, Atlanta. 

About The Blog.

Darling Down South is the only lifestyle blog that encompasses what it means to be a Modern Southerner. Cynthia, the Editor, defines a Modern Southerner as someone who revels in the traditions of the South and explores their heritage through food, style, and travel while curating an experience through thoughtful photojournalism.

Darling Down South is an experience for readers on how to live the fascinating Southern Lifestyle. From hosting your own dinner party in style, to travel guides of great Southern cities, Cynthia curates an experience for all Southern enthusiasts to relate to and engage with. The blog is more than just entertainment material, it is a destination for rich Southern experiences, appreciating a life well situated in Southern splendor and how Southern culture can be applied in every facet of life wherever you are geographically located.

It is a Southern life well explored.

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