Half Bathroom Decor That Gets Everyone Talking

Our half bathroom decor has become quite the conversation starter. As I’ve shared previously, this little space was initially set to be the only room adorned with wallpaper. However, plans change, and now the Parlor and the bar have joined the wallpaper club. Despite the splurge on the half bathroom’s wallpaper, I’ve managed to keep costs down on everything else. And here’s a bit of good news: creating a designer-esque half bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank, thanks to some creativity and my go-to online design haven.

Wallpaper Half Bathroom Decor


The Big Reveal: A Wayfair Wonderland

Yes, the cat’s out of the bag – our half bathroom decor is a Wayfair wonderland! From the tiles to the console sink, and from the stylish faucet to the mirror, lights, and the show-stopping wallpaper, it’s all sourced from there.


This entire space drew its inspiration from this vintage art deco-style wallpaper I stumbled upon and instantly adored. It’s a nod to the era our house was built in and it set the stage for everything else.

Wallpaper Half Bathroom RenovationWallpaper Half Bathroom Renovation


From Inspiration to Reality: Half Bathroom Decor with a Vintage Twist

While planning the adjacent mudroom/laundry, I was determined to feature patterned tile for that upscale restaurant restroom feel – who doesn’t love a chic bathroom selfie? It’s a joy to see friends appreciate and celebrate your design choices, one selfie at a time.

Wallpaper Half Bathroom Decor

If you’re contemplating wallpaper-centric half bathroom decor, my tip is to pick a color from the wallpaper and echo it in the rest of your design. For us, it was the softest pale grey in the wallpaper that we matched with Sherwin Williams’ Egret White for the board and batten. This shade was our thread, subtly weaving through the space, as I’ve noticed designers do in countless designer showhomes. While a bolder choice could have been the blue in the wallpaper, we opted for a gentle grey infusion.

Fixtures: The Mid-Century Modern Connection

Our home’s light fixtures tip their hat to the mid-century modern era, complementing my husband’s cherished Eames lounger in the Parlor. The three-light sconce we chose for the half bathroom continues this theme, with a dash of old-Hollywood glamour to boot.

Wallpaper Half Bathroom Decor


Ignoring the costs of extensive renovations, the half bathroom’s transformation cost us under $1100, proving that style doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. For anyone gearing up for a remodel, give Wayfair a look. Quick shipping, a hassle-free return policy, and a vast style selection make it a resource I can’t recommend enough. 

Author: Cynthia

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