Mid-Century Modern Lighting for a Bathroom

The most exciting and stressful part of our home renovation has come: selecting all of our fixtures and things for the house! I know this shouldn’t have stressed me out as much as it did, but it felt like a very permanent part of the process and I wanted to be sure that I selected the right pieces that accurately reflected our design goals. As I mentioned here, we are really trying to keep the historic art-deco charm of our condo while also modernizing it, so we landed on a mid-century modern-esque type of design aesthetic that folds in some bold art-deco touches. The mid-century modern lights we selected truly tied those themes together! 

Mid Century Modern Vanity Lighting


If you’re about to undergo a design project, it can easily go from an affordable project to an expensive endeavor, especially when you consider replacing your old fixtures with new ones. One of our goals was to have well-made pieces that were also affordable. A somewhat challenging task but not when you know where to look. 

We found a few new-to-us retail spots for mid-century modern lighting at All Modern, and there are a lot of great retailers on Amazon, like this one and this one

For our bathroom, we selected some updated versions of mid-century modern style pieces. For the half bath, we ended up going with this three bulb vanity light. For the master bathroom we ended up selecting these two pillar vanity lights, and for the guest bath we ended up going with these beautiful globe lights most all of these options were under $100 apiece!  

If you’re searching for mid-century modern lighting for a bathroom or anywhere else in your house, be sure to check out our graphic above! Be certain to pay attention to times when retailers will be reducing their prices and having sales like Fourth of July and Labor Day Weekend. 

Author: Cynthia

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