Our Patterned Tile and Wallpaper Half Bath Reveal

I truly cannot believe this room came together! I’m so excited to share our basically completed half bath with you today. This wallpaper half bath was the culmination of a birthday present (wallpaper) and my husband saying “you can go crazy with that room.” Basically had to get that in writing before I started drawing up any designs. It might be the smallest room in the house but it’s definitely the most fun!

Wallpaper Half Bath Renovation

As mentioned in many of our home renovation posts, our house was built at the turn of the century and we wanted to channel the lingering art deco theme that the home had. That meant rich wallpaper, cool light fixtures and unique geometric shapes throughout. BUT I also wanted to keep it modern and not overwhelm the space by making every room lean heavy into this theme. 

So the perfect compromise was, of course, to put as many art deco touches into the half bath that I could. 

The entire design started with this tile which is a direct dupe of a designer tile that was 10x the price. 

Seriously, love and respect designers and think they should be paid what they’re worth, but paying $36 per 8″ square tile was not in our budget. 

As soon as the tile was picked out, it’s like a flood of wallpaper came down the pipeline for me, and serendipitously my birthday and a sale at Anthropologie made this room possible. 

Wallpaper Half Bath Renovation Wallpaper Half Bath Renovation

I quickly whipped together the inspiration over here and leaped at the chance to make this room a reality. 

Later down the road, this room had a lot of drama. The sink we ordered was too big, luckily the company we ordered it from had once size down. 

Unfortunately, something got mixed up in their supply chain/shipping department because instead of the 8″ widespread holes we were shipped the 4″ which wouldn’t work for our amazing faucet and I was not returning that. 

The company didn’t know when they would have the sink top back in so they offered to send us a close enough replacement. Our contractors were able to work something out and fasten it properly and truthfully, I like how it turned out this way so much more. It’s way more modern and sleek! 

Wallpaper Half Bath Renovation Wallpaper Half Bath Renovation

The final details were to paint the board and batten in Egret White from Sherwin Williams (check out all the colors we used in our house here) and attach our mirror,toilet paper holder, and light fixture

Finally, after 4 months of waiting, the wallpaper half bath was complete and I couldn’t be happier with it! It makes me so happy to look at it whenever I walk by on my way out the door. 

Wallpaper Half Bath Renovation

Wallpaper (also here) || Board & Batten color Egret White || Tile || Mirror || Light Fixture || Console Sink* || Faucet || Toilet Paper Holder || Weezie Hand Towels 


Author: Cynthia

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  • Hi Cynthia, I absolutely love your new powder room! I have been scouring the web for ideas and nothing comes close to your eye for design….its gorgeous and timeless. I believe this is the first comment I have ever made on a blog, I had to stop by and say, thank you, for sharing your ideas and talents!

    • Hi Annie,

      Thank you so much! That makes me so happy to hear that you love the little space just like we do! I hope it helps you fill your home with a little bit of inspiration when you go to redo your space!


    • Hi Janine, the link is in the text of the blog, and if you read a bit more you’ll note that this was a semi-custom order due to a supply chain and fulfillment issue. Thanks!

  • Hi Cynthia,

    Lovely half bath! I have been looking for a wallpaper to update a water closet. I need to tie in aqua, gold and white. Your wallpaper is just what I am looking for! Is the wallpaper more aqua or true blue? Looks great but hard to see the exact color in photos. Is this Candice Olson Deco Fountain Blue wallpaper? Love your ideas! Thanks!