18 Gorgeous Paint Colors for Your Dream Green Kitchen

When we renovated our house in 2019. , we didn’t plan on being there for more than 2 years so we kept the decor pretty conservative. Fast forward 5 years, we’re still here and I’m still kicking myself for not trusting my gut to paint the cabinets green. While we eventually added a splash of green in our Dry Bar Nook, I would have loved to have pained the entire kitchen a soft sage, like Halcyon Green by Sherwin Williams. If you, like me, love the appeal of a green kitchen, I’ve created a bunch of green kitchen inspiration for you to dive head first into and linked the colors for each design below.

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Sherwin Williams Clary Sage kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchens ideas 

Number One: Sherwin Williams Clary Sage 

Immersed in tranquil Clary Sage by Sherwin Williams, this green kitchen blends elegance with coziness. Its cabinetry’s verdant shade, highlighted by rich woods and lustrous gold fixtures, offers a welcoming sanctuary, ideal for stylish homemakers desiring a serene escape amidst the bustle of family life.

Sherwin Williams Window Pane kitchen inspiration, green hued kitchens ideas 

Number Two: Sherwin-Williams Window Pane 

The peaceful green of the “Sherwin Williams Windowpane” cabinets softly enhances the natural illumination in this artisan green kitchen. This hue coordinates beautifully with the marble countertops and timber accents, establishing a calm center of the home, perfect for families looking for a fashionable yet inviting area for entertaining.

Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchens ideas 

Number Three: Sherwin Williams Green Onyx

This kitchen’s Sherwin Williams Green Onyx cabinets exude natural elegance. The hue pairs perfectly with the rustic pottery and marble countertops, while the open shelving and abundant light create an inviting atmosphere. It’s a harmonious blend for a family-centered, stylish, and nurturing home.


4. Benjamin Moore's Beach Glass (1564) kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchens ideas

Number Four: Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass

This green kitchen, dressed in Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass, exudes a gentle elegance with its soft green cabinets. Accented by brass hardware and natural light, it’s a fresh, inviting space where cooking and family conversations blend seamlessly, perfect for creating a chic yet cozy family gathering spot.

 Sherwin-Williams' Rainwashed, kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchens ideas

Number Five: Sherwin-Williams’ Rainwashed

Adorned in Sherwin-Williams’ Rainwashed, this green kitchen whispers calmness with its airy green cabinets, complemented by warm brass fittings. The color’s softness is paired with abundant natural light, creating a haven that is both uplifting and welcoming—a stylish retreat for the modern homemaker.


Sherwin-Williams' Sea Salt , kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchens ideas

Number Six: Sherwin-Williams’ Sea Salt

Cloaked in Sherwin-Williams’ Sea Salt, this green kitchen is a breath of fresh air with its muted green cabinets that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings peeking through the generous windows. Gold hardware adds a touch of luxury, making it a perfect, stylish sanctuary.

sherwin williams halcyon green kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Seven: Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green

Wrapped in Sherwin-Williams Halcyon Green, this sunlit nook embodies a refreshing embrace. The hue plays charmingly with natural light and the crisp white accents, while the rattan chair and striped cushions invite a moment of joyous repose, echoing a nurturing spirit within this family home.

Benjamin Moore's Beach Glass kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Eight: Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass

This radiant kitchen is a vision in Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass, a soft hue that pairs beautifully with the glowing brass fixtures and elegant marble countertops. Its gentle color promises a serene backdrop for family life, fostering a stylish and heartwarming center to a well-loved home.


Benjamin Moore's Pale Smoke, kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Nine: Benjamin Moore’s Pale Smoke

Bathed in the soft glow of Benjamin Moore’s Pale Smoke, this green kitchen is a portrait of understated elegance. The subtle green cabinets, accented with brushed gold hardware, harmonize with the natural light, offering a tranquil haven for families to gather and savor life’s simple pleasures.

Sherwin-Williams' Dried Thyme, kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Ten: Sherwin-Williams’ Dried Thyme

Enveloped in Sherwin-Williams’ Dried Thyme, this green kitchen marries rustic charm with modern sophistication. The cabinetry’s herbal hue echoes the lush greenery outside, while black accents and natural textures cultivate a warm, grounded atmosphere that’s inviting to the modern family looking for a slice of serenity.


Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage, kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Eleven: Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage

Infused with tranquility, this green kitchen’s cabinets, painted in Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage, evoke a sense of serene sophistication. The earthy green hue harmonizes with the natural wood accents and marble countertops, crafting a nurturing heart of the home where families gather and memories are made.

Sherwin-Williams Contented kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Twelve: Sherwin-Williams Contented

The green kitchen, painted in the serene Sherwin-Williams Contented, exudes an earthy elegance. Its green cabinetry pairs effortlessly with natural wood textures and marble, while the bouquet centerpiece and oriental rug add a flourish of homely sophistication, perfect for a sanctuary designed with family in mind.

Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Thirteen: Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage

The kitchen, swathed in the subtle tones of Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage, presents a refined canvas accented by luxurious gold hardware and dark countertops. Its balanced palette emphasizes the fresh, floral arrangement and chic lighting, crafting a space where elegance meets comfort for the modern homemaking connoisseur.

Benjamin Moore's Soft Fern kitchen inspiration, green hued kitchens ideas 

Number Fourteen: Benjamin Moore’s Soft Fern

Bathed in the gentle hue of Benjamin Moore’s Soft Fern, this breakfast nook radiates with peaceful charm. The soft green mingles with natural light, while the wicker chair and striped cushions underscore the room’s cozy, fresh appeal, creating an intimate corner for cherished family moments.

Farrow & Ball's Pigeon kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Fifteen: Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon

Embracing a sophisticated palette, the kitchen features cabinets in Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon, a soft green that pairs delightfully with the antique brass hardware and marble surfaces. This harmonious blend of color and texture creates an elegant yet inviting space, perfect for families to enjoy and entertain in.

Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Sixteen: Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue

This kitchen, painted in Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue, brings a breath of fresh air with its light, airy cabinets that contrast beautifully with the warm wooden tones and white tiles. The natural light streaming through the windows highlights the room’s calm and welcoming ambiance, perfect for family gatherings.


Sherwin-Williams' Contented kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Seventeen: Sherwin-Williams’ Contented

The kitchen, adorned in Sherwin-Williams’ Contented, presents a symphony of muted green and sleek black, accentuated by natural light. The color harmony with wood and marble elements creates a tranquil yet sophisticated space, making it an idyllic setting for families to create memories in style.

Sherwin-Williams's Ripe Olive kitchen inspiration, green-hued kitchen ideas

Number Eighteen: Sherwin-Williams’s Ripe Olive

In this kitchen, Sherwin-Williams’s Ripe Olive coats the cabinets, providing a rich, earthy foundation. The color’s depth is enhanced by the elegant gold hardware and the bright marble, while the fresh floral arrangement adds a splash of vivacity, together creating a space that’s both welcoming and luxuriously grounded.


Whether you’re doing a deep dark green or a light faint green, I think a green kitchen is truly one of the most classic designs you can invite into your home renovation. I love the way green carries in the natural elements from outside and creates a serene scene for family gatherings inside. Our next house will definitely have a kitchen painted in one of these green hues… the toughest one will be deciding what green I love the most. 

18 Best Ideas for Green Paint Colors in a Kitchen



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