The Real Reasons We Love the Baby Brezza Formula Pro

If you’ve found this post, you may be one of the many parents considering formula or adding formula to your baby’s diet. I know most moms start with the intention of wanting to use breast milk, but hey, if you’re like me, things don’t always work out and formula is thankfully there to fill in where you need it to. On our baby registry, I hadn’t initially registered for a Baby Brezza Formula Pro, and even when we transitioned to 100% formula at 8 weeks, we were still using a pitcher or making each bottle by hand. 

BUT as all wives of engineers may know, techy husbands will fall in love with any gadget that makes their lives easier and I gotta say, I wish I had registered for this from the get go. Here’s why: 

Real Mom Review: Why We Love the Baby Brezza Formula Pro

What is the Baby Brezza Formula Pro? 

First and foremost, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro is a formula maker that automatically combines water and formula for your baby’s bottle, kind of like a Keurig coffee maker. You put the formula in the top bucket, refill with water in the back, turn it on, select your formula setting, set your ounce, hit start, and in 10 seconds you have a perfectly measured bottle for mealtime. Oh and it comes out the perfect temperature. No more second-guessing if you made it too hot. 

Is the Baby Brezza Formula Pro worth it? 

I am now a believer, but at first, I was skeptical. However, as my husband explained: this is our first child, he eats 4 bottles now (but more when he was younger of course) every day for an entire year. With our second child, they’ll be doing the same. Assuming we start formula at month 4 with 4 bottles a day, that’s 2,200+ bottles we have to make throughout the infant stage and he didn’t want to make 2,200 bottles by hand for the next 3 years. 

So $230 for the Baby Brezza Formula Pro at 2,200 bottles, that’s less than 10 cents per bottle for convenience!


Is the Baby Brezza Formula Pro accurate? 

There is nothing more distressing than ensuring your baby is getting the proper nutrition, my obsessive convulsion had me second-guessing if our Baby Brezza Formula Pro was dispensing properly. Thankfully, Baby Brezza Formula Pro has an at-home test to ensure you use the correct formula setting and that the correct mix is being attributed. 

We used a scale that went to the 100ths (not the 1000th’s like they recommend), and found that at 4 different formula ounces, it was dispensing as accurately (within a margin of error of less than +-5% as the scoop) as it should be. At the end of the day, +-1.6 oz was not going to make or break our baby’s diet on a 32oz basis. Not to mention, when trying to recreate the scoop method it was off by about the same on the overfeeding side. 

So yes, conclusively for our family, we found it was within a margin of error acceptable enough that it made sense to use this over the hand scoop method. 

Is the Baby Brezza Formula Pro safe for newborns? 

Yes! Personally, I think it would be even safer than trying to do it all yourself because the water always comes out at the perfect temperature (no risk of too hot of a bottle), and the formula is measured appropriately. 

Can you use any formula with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro? 

It’s my understanding that yes, you can. They have a list of formulas (and the formula settings!) here for you to browse. We use Bobbie Gentle in our house and never have had an issue with it dispensing. 

Real Mom Review: Why We Love the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Real Mom Review: Why We Love the Baby Brezza Formula Pro

What is the maintenance of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro? 

Like any appliance, you do need to clean it to ensure that it’s working properly. Every night, we clean the funnel and the formula release above the funnel. Once a month I’ll clean the water container. You’re supposed to clean the formula container once a month, but don’t tell the baby police, we haven’t yet (3 months in) and we haven’t noticed any issues, foul smells, or anything concerning. 

But that’s it! It’s no different than cleaning the coffee pot before you make coffee in the morning. 

Where to buy Baby Brezza Formula Pro?

Can you imagine having a baby without the use of Amazon? Honestly, I don’t know how our parents did it. We bought ours off of Amazon and it arrived in 2 days. You can buy it at many major retailers like Nordstrom, Pottery Barn, Target, Williams Sonoma, and Babylist

Sometimes you’ll find it on sale on Baby Brezza Formula Pro’s website. So if you’re looking for a deal, be sure to check there regularly! 

I really thought this gadget would be up there with “gimmicky” but truly it has become a part of our family routine and daily fun (when we do the cook-a-bottle dance while it brews). I’m glad my husband pulled the trigger and bought this for us, it really has just wiped away one more hassle of motherhood and replaced it with something joyful and easy. 

Again, any convenience I can get while my hands are full is a win for me. 

Oh forgot to mention, you can make a bottle with one hand with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro! That in and of itself is reason enough to buy one.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Cover

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