8 Nursery Design Ideas that Will Help You Welcome Baby Home

My instagram feed is filled with darling nursery designs, no I’m not pregnant, but something about these little rooms for baby’s-on-their-way just fills me with so much delight. As I was designing our little boys nursery, I peeked over the shoulders of some interior designer giants to glean some inspiration for my own. If you are looking for some nursery design ideas for your budding bundle of joy, you’ve come to the right spot! Let’s dive into these darling nursery’s and why I love them (and their creators!) so much. 

nursery design ideas with farrow & ball skylight blue

Source Darling Down South Baby Boy Ruff’s Nursery Reveal

First, of course, I have to show off our own baby’s room. We transformed our guest room into this sweet and calm room for Baby Boy Ruff. This nursery harmoniously combines panel molding with a soothing ambiance, featuring Farrow & Ball’s Skylight paint, charming vintage car prints, and a variety of eclectic textiles. It’s a space that beautifully balances serenity and whimsy, making it the most delightful area of our home. For all the lovely details, visit Darling Down South.


nursery design ideas for little girl

Source Brighton the Day 

I’m absolutely smitten with Blake’s nursery and gave me a lot of inspiration for my nursery design ideas, a blend of timeless design and playful elements. The blush and green color scheme creates a serene yet whimsical vibe. Key features like custom velvet curtains, a convertible crib, and a cowboy boot vase add unique charm. It’s the perfect mix of elegance and fun, showing how a nursery can be stylish yet functional. For the full enchanting details, visit the post on BrightonTheDay.


arbor hallow nursery design ideas

Source Liz Lovery 

I’m enchanted by the nursery design by Liz Lovery that beautifully marries functionality and style, offering some fantastic nursery design ideas. The room features elegant wall panels from Home Depot, creating a sophisticated base. It’s adorned with the exquisite ‘Flourencecourt’ wallpaper in Stone from Wallpaper Direct, adding a serene yet stylish touch. The walls are painted in ‘Arbor Hollow’ by Behr, enveloping the space in a calming hue. This nursery is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary design elements, creating a peaceful and stylish haven for a new baby. For a closer look at Liz Lovery’s nursery design ideas, you can check out her posts on Instagram.


Source House Beautiful 

I’m thoroughly smitten with the nursery design showcased by Sarah Trumbore, which offers some fantastic nursery design ideas. The incorporation of a daybed is a stroke of genius, blending practicality and elegance. The cheerful blue and orange hues, inspired by Sister Parish Design’s wallpaper, create a vibrant yet refined atmosphere. This nursery is a testament to design that’s both chic and child-friendly, evolving with the growing needs of the family. For more insights into nursery design ideas, check out the article on House Beautiful.



Source Elizabeth Graves Interior Design

I’m excited to share a nursery that captures the essence of charming and calming nursery design ideas. It features a delightful mix of eclectic patterns in soothing colors, perfectly embodying a tranquil yet playful space. Located in the heart of Charleston, this nursery is a true oasis, showcasing how pattern play can bring life to a room while maintaining a serene atmosphere. For a closer look at this beautifully designed nursery and more nursery design ideas, visit Elizabeth Graves Design.


nursery design ideas for baby girl

Source Bailey Ward Interiors

A sweet nursery design that features a favorite print from Lulie Wallace, offering some inspiring nursery design ideas. The space radiates a sweet and gentle charm, perfectly suited for a little one’s first room. It’s a testament to how a single, thoughtfully chosen print can set the tone for a nursery, creating an environment that is both calming and visually engaging. For a glimpse of this charming nursery and more about Bailey Ward Interiors’ approach to design, visit their website at Bailey Ward Interiors and the related Instagram post.


green yellow blue nursery design ideas

Source Katie Davis Design

I’m thrilled to feature the 10th Street Nursery by Katie Davis Design, which offers some inspiring nursery design ideas.  This nursery, designed for a third baby, is a dream come true with its sophisticated spin on primary colors in lighter shades. Set against a calming green backdrop, the space is accented with sunflower yellow and poppy red, and includes a blue canopy, drapes, and a gingham-patterned glider. The design blends in well with the rest of the home, using textures like wicker and raffia to add timeless appeal. It’s a perfect example of a nursery that’s fun yet versatile enough to evolve over time. For more details, visit Katie Davis Design.


nursery design ideas pin

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