Introducing “Take AI Walk with Me” AI Generated Interiors of Historic Atlanta Homes

One of the best things about living in Midtown Atlanta is that you can be equidistant from a vibrant restaurant scene and 100-year-old historic homes, all on foot. For that reason, I love walking around Midtown’s historic district. There’s always a colorful Craftsman or, in this case, a green Colonial Revival home that I look forward to passing on my daily jaunts. I’ve always wondered what the interiors of these homes would look like. Thanks to AI image generation, I can finally translate my imagination to paper and share that inspiration with you! Even better, I’ve found items similar to those I created with AI generated interiors, so you can try recreating these looks at home. If you like this series, be sure to  follow me on Instagram and follow #TakeAIWalkWithMe

Keep reading to see my prompt and what tool I use.  

william perrin nicolson house

First things first, let’s kick it off with my FAVORITE house on Piedmont, this gorgeous green colonial revival by architect Walter Downing. Built in 1891, the Nicolson House, always stops me in my tracks. Maybe because it’s green, or maybe because I can see while the exterior is historic and ornate, the interiors have a little nod of modernism peeking through the giant windows. 

When I asked AI to generate some images, I had to start with my favorite room in every house- the half bath. Cue the dramatic wallpaper and console sink. 

Green Half Bathroom in Colonial Revival Home

Console Sink || Mirror || Sconce || Blinds || Wallpaper || Wall Color 

Then as every good home tour goes, we move into the living room. 

Living room in colonial revival

Upholstered Armchair || Sofa || Side Table || Coffee Table || Vase || Rug || Book || Book || Marble Obelisk || Table Lamp || Mirror || Table Sculpture

I really think I had the most fun “designing” the little kids rooms. Look at how darling this little girls room turned out? Side note, where do I get someone to make me a canopy like that? 

A little girls room in a colonial revival

Bed Canopy || Rug || Pillow || Pillow || Floor Lamp || Bed Skirt || Chandelier || Wallpaper || Chair


A master bedroom in a colonial revival

Upholstered Bench || Bed || Side Table || Vase || Lamp || Pendant Light || Curtain || Painting || Pillow || Pillow || Nightstand

If you have ever visited the Swan house in Atlanta, this laundry room reminds me of the scullery in it. The green is so cheerful and I love how the tile really keeps it retro. 

A laundry room in a colonial revival

Tiles || Painting || Sconce || Cabinet || Basket || Faucet || Pendant Light || Cabinet Knob || Bin Pull || Broom ||  Dustpan & Brush Set || Wood Soap Dish || Cleaning Brushes


A kitchen in a colonial revival

Faucet || Brookside Rail || Cabinet Knob || Opal Cabinet Knob || Door Knob || Rug || Marble Tile || Terracotta Tile || Lantern Pendant || Artificial Fruit 

I’m not kidding when I say this may be a dream kitchen! I would look for reasons to wash dishes if just to get to look out those windows. 

A dining room in a colonial revival Artificial Fruit || Goblet || Bird Frame || Geometric Chandelier || Candle Holder || Dining Chair || Dining Table

Could you imagine the dinner parties in this dining room? I may need to find a custom furniture builder to remake those cane chairs. 

A mudroom in a colonial revival

Horse Racing Art || Hook || Rug || Pendant Light || Botanical Pillow || Velvet Pillow || Basket with Lid || Sconce


A little boy's nursery in a colonial revival style home

Giraffe Stuffed Animal || Crib || Pendant Light || Dog Framed Wall Art ||  Dog Framed Wall Art || Rug || Curtain || Cabinet || Armchair || Floor Lamp 

And finally the nursery- selfishly created because of the inspiration from my little boy’s nursery, but I truly love how it turned out in the end. 

As a bonus for coming to this post, here is a playroom I asked it to mock up. The ceiling is a bit too grand but wow would this be an inspiring place to let out some steam as a little kid! 

Kids Playroom in a Colonial Revival Home

What I love about today’s technology, is that if you can write it, AI can generate it. I know a lot of people may be interested in how I generated this prompt and what I used, and I’m not here to gatekeep! I pay to use Midjourney to generate all of these images and below you will find my prompt structure. 

AI generated interiors Prompt for a colonial revival home

Author: Cynthia

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