Ruff Reno Update: Southern Living Home Renovation Problems

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Well we are officially 8 weeks into our renovation and as any home renovator knows, we’ve got a few problems: namely mold and rot. As I will explain in this post, the walls of the house have seen a lot of layers over the years. Like most early 20th century homes, our walls are plaster, but somewhere along the way someone added wallpaper, then instead of removing the wallpaper for risk of peeling off the plaster, they painted over it and at some point, moisture got in.

You can see where this is going.

Southern living at Home Southern living at Home

Unfortunately, now we have to take all of the plaster off which is going to delay us getting back home (but where we’re living is pretty swanky, so I don’t quite mind the extension) by about 4 weeks. However, I can’t wait to go back to southern living at home. The progress was going so well too, we were only about 2 days behind and the demolition was going really well until the mold was uncovered.

But that just gives me a little longer to choose sconces and other fixtures for our home.

Southern living at Home Southern living at Home

We took advantage of the 1.5% cash back we earn on purchases by using our Chase Freedom Unlimited card and some 4th of July sales to truly stock up on savings for our fixtures! It was so rewarding knowing that even though I was saving while shopping strategic online sales, I was also getting 1.5% cash back on each purchase.

We’ve checked off a major milestone by using our Chase Freedom Unlimited cash back credit card to purchase our cabinets for the bathroom, the tile for the floor and shower, the mirrors, the sconces, and fixtures, all the while grinning knowing that on top of the strategic spending we were doing, we were saving even more.

Southern living at Home Southern living at Home

And all that cash back is really coming in handy now that we need to hire a few more laborers, spend a few more weeks in our temporary apartment, and buy some more drywall to replace the plaster. I’m sad to know that we have to get rid of the plaster, happy to know that there won’t be any mold lurking, and relieved to know that Chase Freedom Unlimited card is there to help us pay for the things we weren’t accounting for!

I think I’m ready for that renovation wine now.

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