Our Home Remodel Kick Off with Chase Freedom Unlimited

This post is sponsored by Chase Freedom Unlimited. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We are counting down the days to our home reno! I know we haven’t chatted much about it because we weren’t sure when the project was officially going to kick off, but we are 90% of the way there and still trying to figure out the rest (like what style of cabinets we want and what kind of tile we should put in the bathroom.)

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Originally, our plan was to move room by room and fix up everything while keeping the layout almost the same. However, we decided to stop putting lipstick on a pig and just rip the walls down, tear the painted over wallpapered plaster walls and commit to making this a 5+ year home instead of a “good enough to resell” home.

Our architect drew up the plans, we hired a designer to draw up our kitchen and now it’s up to us to fill in the details.

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Before starting any big project, it’s always important to check in on your finances. What is the rule of thumb with renovations; “It takes three times as long and is twice as expensive”? I knew that for the things we would be in control of buying (custom tiles, light fixtures, hardware, and other small things), it would be smart to get a new credit card with a low introductory APR and an awesome cash back program, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited card.

I’ve been banking with Chase for almost 8 years and they’ve always treated me with the utmost respect. When I heard about the Chase Freedom Unlimited card offering 1.5% cash back on every purchase, it was a no-brainer that I’d use it for our home remodel project.

it was a no-brainer that I’d use it for our home remodel project.

So, when I’m shopping for my hand painted tiles for the guest bath, 1.5% cash back.

When we’re shopping for light fixtures for the kitchen, 1.5% cash back.

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If someone were to tell me that using my credit card to pay for our purchases would essentially mean that I could get money off our remodel, I wouldn’t feel so guilty upgrading our new kitchen faucet to the tap to touch model.

This year, I’ve teamed up with Chase to share my Always Earning journey and how my new cash back credit card is helping me reach our goal of renovating our house. Each month, we’ll be checking in on our progress and sharing photos of how the renovation is coming, with what we hope is our dream home coming to fruition by Fall.

We can’t wait to take you along for this journey and show you all the things we have planned! I’ll, of course, be adding a little modern southern style to everything along the way. P.S. We’ll take all the good energy you can send our way when it comes to getting through this renovation with no issues. *knocks on wood*

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