One Room Challenge Guest Bedroom Reveal

Supply chain issues!! My favorite reason for why this post is so beyond delayed from my other One Room Challenge posts – which due to my infrequent blogging updates I will also blame on supply chain issues… But in seriousness, as I stare down the sun-strewn guest bedroom from my office chair, I’m so proud of how the project turned out I could burst. As a reminder, if clicking back to my inspiration post poses too much effort, the inspiration for this upgrade was to add some pizzazz and make it feel like a luxury boutique hotel bedroom. How’d I do? 

I will say, this was a relatively easy transformation. The panel moulding (or picture frame moulding) was not nearly as difficult to install as I had thought. I’ve seen people do this with hand-held tools and I think they may be insane. I used a miter saw and this took nearly a day to cut and install all of the pieces. I’m not going to go into detail on how to install panel moulding but I will say there are a few imperative things to pay attention to as you install it: 

  1. Get the right 45-degree cut and make sure you don’t jip it on the length. 
  2. Always start installing on the top rail first, make sure it’s level, then use a right angle level to install the sides and the bottom piece. 
  3. Use gorilla glue adhesive over construction adhesive. The gorilla glue holds better. 
  4. A battery-powered nail gun is essential to easy install. 
  5. Fill your nail holes before painting. 

The two DIYs I did for this room were recreating my dream raffia end tables and reviving a Facebook Marketplace chest of drawers. Ever since I painted my office IKEA furniture, I’ve gotten really good about refinishing furniture. 

I think the rug really makes the place. After ordering the wrong size (note to all, a 5×8 absolutely does not work for a Queen bed), this 8×10 rug really tied it all together. And, as I’ve warned you all here, it’s made of natural fibers so it won’t choke the wood floors. 


In my last apartment, I had rug commitment issues, but now I have art commitment issues. This room is still lacking the following: 

  • art 
  • properly matted art 
  • the final curtains from Pepper Home 
  • current era lampshades covered in my Brunschwig & Fils fabric 

I’m not in a hurry to fill the walls up with art that I half love, so this will continue to be a work in progress. 

I’m grateful for the people who helped contribute a few textiles to this project, Garnet Hill for these sumptuous linens, The Inside for the amazing headboard, and Pepper Home who (after a whirlwind of supply chain issues) have finally been able to get me my Penelope curtains in Sage. 

Links for everything in this room are below. 

Headboard in Jade Cherry Blossom c/o The Inside. Use code “RUFF50” for $50 off your order

Duvet Cover, Sheets, Blanket, Bed Skirt c/o Garnet Hill 

Cashmere Throw 

William & Morris Pillow Cover

Lamps Sourced from Estate Sale Recovered via this tutorial 

Raffia Benches 

Rug size 8 x 10 

Nightstands DIY with Raffia Wallpaper 

Chest of Drawers DIY with Cloud Cover by Benjamin Moore

Hardware on Chest of Drawers & End Tables 

Art by Carrie Courey Designs, Frame sourced Vintage 

Raffia Pull Down Blinds

Penelope Curtains in Sage (c/o)

Chair vintage sourced covered in Genevieve Gorder’s Velvet Crane 

Curtain Rod 

Curtain Rod Rings 

Antique Inspired Floor Grates

Antique Inspired Light Switch 


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