The 10 Best Tools for Content Creators & Influencers

For a long time, the content creation community has been dominated by blogs. Nowadays, it’s full of different types of creative enterprises- hello TikTok and Twitch. Whatever type of creative enterprise you have, it’s important you have the right tools at hand to help streamline your work and create beautiful content in an even more efficient way. These are the best tools for content creators and influencers to make their business even better than before. 

The Best Tools for Content Creators 

Copy.AI: I wrote that first paragraph with Copy.AI. Go on, read it again. I typed a few words and BLAM, out came written gold. If you plan on sharing long-form content, need to write voiceovers, a script, or literally any sort of creative copy, I cannot recommend Copy.AI enough. It’s like having a copywriter at your disposal for every thought. 

Hashtag Pay Me: If you’ve ever googled “how much to charge for sponsored posts” stop and just go straight over to this platform. I’ve used it to price all of my work and it’s helped me negotiate THOUSANDS of dollars in brand deals. It’s hands down changed the way I think about pricing my work and how every campaign has a different price. In 2022, it helped me price $40,000 in sponsored posts as a micro-creator!! This is hands down one of the best tools for content creators. 

Planoly: True story, in 2015 I had the vision to build Planoly, and then Planoly built Planoly, and life has never been better. I even emailed the founders telling them I was so happy someone had the resources to build this drag and drop Instagram planner. This visual scheduling tool is essential for the online content creator. It helps you plan your Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, and Instagram reels. You can even plan your Pinterest content on it but I like using the following tool for that. 

Tailwind: Tailwind is the ULTIMATE powerhouse to schedule your Pinterest pins. It has reduced my workload by 400% when scheduling content for Pinterest. You can use loops to reschedule popular content so it sees more eyeballs and you can join Tribes to help get your content in front of other content creators to share your pins. It’s helped me drive a 200% increase in passive online revenue by scheduling content. It pays for itself!

Canva: If you don’t want to spend weeks mastering Photoshop (which let’s be honest, who does?), Canva is without a doubt the BEST online tool to create beautiful graphics for your business. They have a ton of templates to use and design prompts to get you started. I also like finding templates through Your Social Team (the best) and Creative Market. 

WP Engine: If you plan on using WordPress to power your website, you’re going to need a hosting service to get you started. I highly recommend using WP Engine. They are more expensive than other solutions out there but take it from me to say this is one of the most secure hosting platforms on the web. When I was on BluHost, I got hacked and my page had to be scrubbed and rebuilt. If you are planning on building an e-commerce website, you can get 4 months free hosting with code WOOYEAR22.

Elementor: If you don’t have the funds to have a fully customized website built, Elementor is THE EASIEST application to help you build a beautiful website. They have plenty of templates and tutorials for you to build a website in as little as a day. I recently used SiteCulture’s elementor template for my new business and I couldn’t be happier with how great it looks and how easy it was to put this website together. 

Beacons.AI: Goodbye boring link in bio, hello mini-blog and linking powerhouse Beacons. I serendipitously found this company while searching for an alternative to Linktree and this is THE REAL DEAL. I love how easy it was to set up, it’s incredibly affordable and just a stellar product all around. Take a look at how good my link in bio page looks now. 

Splice: If you’re new to video editing, you’re going to need a reliable video editor to help you produce video content. I like how intuitive splice is to use with your hands and they have a ton of tutorials on how to make the most of it and create viral-worthy transitions. 

InfluenceKit: If you are tired of brands asking you to send over screenshots for campaigns, you need to signup for InfluenceKit immediately. They are able to connect directly to your creator channel to pull the information that you need to report on for campaigns. It’s been a massive time saver for me personally. I also work with brands to implement this solution on their behalf. 

As an influencer, there are a hundred different things you need to balance to make your business work. I hope you make use of the best tools for content creators to help you navigate your business more easily. I specialize in influencer pay help, so if you’re wondering “what do I charge for my services”, head over here and we can help you figure that out! 

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The Best Tools for Content Creators

Author: Cynthia

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