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Summer Patio Refresh with At Home Stores

I think my love of patios began when I was in late Elementary School. Every day when I came home, I would make a peanut butter sandwich, pour a tall glass of whole milk, grab whatever iteration of Harry Potter I was reading, and sit on the back patio reading until the sun went down

Best Farmers Markets in Atlanta

The onset of Spring means the return of my favorite leisure pastime: visiting Farmer’s Markets. I am happy that throughout the past 23 years of me living in Atlanta that there has been a resurgence in popularity for the slow food and “know your farmer” movements. As a self-proclaimed farmers market aficionado, I’ve explored almost

Best Recipes of 2017

This year has been a year of culinary exploration for me! While the things that I eat typically a day in and day out tend to revolve around a consistent healthy meal plan, I like creating an annual bucket list of recipes to make. Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to work on collaborations that challenge me

An All Season Cashiers NC Travel Guide

(Article last updated July 2021). I’ve spent many years exploring the dynamically beautiful town of Cashiers North Carolina getting to know the land, the people, and most importantly, the best things to do while in this unique mountain town. From a once in a lifetime dam release waterfall to unique casual and fine dining eating

9 Fall Recipes You Need to Make This Season

This past weekend in the mountains was a complete soul recharge for me. I believe between studying for the GMAT and how busy work has been picking up, I completely lost all creative energy and was feeling completely strung out. However as soon as we started inching our way up the blue ridge mountains on

Lemoned Chicken and Grilled Peach Salad

I’m a full-fat, full-flavor girl. When I eat a salad, I’m not skimping on the good stuff even if to me the good stuff happens to be grilled peaches and toasted pine nuts. I’ve started to move away from the heavily dressed salads teaming with bad calories, and find myself experimenting with bringing out the natural

Alpharetta Travel Guide

If you live in Atlanta (or Metro Atlanta) you may realize the divide between OTP and ITP individuals.  OTP means Outside of the Perimeter and ITP means Inside of the Perimeter. According to some, you’re not cool if you live outside of the Perimeter (Highway 285) which I have to dispute because being both a

The 5 Most Essential Restaurants in Atlanta with ATL Bucket List

Today ATL Bucket List is taking over on Darling Down South to share the 5 Most Essential Restaurants in Atlanta! ATL Bucket List is a foodie destination instagram that has since grown into a respected blog in the last year! You’ve probably used their hashtag, #atlbucketlist, on your food Instagrams, so today they’re sharing with us

Waking Up in Positano

6 days in Italy: 3 in Positano and 3 in Capri. And in my opinion, which this blog is just one giant collection of my opinions, not nearly long enough for this wonderful place.  After 24 hours of never-ending travel, we finally made it to our hotel in Positano and feel asleep after eating dinner

Varuni Napoli

I’m a little hesitant to tell you about this pizza place we went to the other weekend.  Not because it was bad, or because the place was cramped and dirty; but because the pizza and atmosphere was so mind-numblingly wonderful I don’t really want to share it with you guys because I’m selfish.  I want Varuni Napoli