Tailgate Ready Ham Sliders

One of the greatest things about Thanksgiving is the amount of football that happens this weekend. All the great rivalry games are the Saturday that follows Black Friday, and I can’t wait to watch Auburn versus Alabama, Georgia versus GA Tech, and Ohio State versus Michigan. Since leftovers are inevitable from every Thanksgiving feast, I love utilizing them to make a full of flavor tailgate ready slider that’s quick to whip up and quicker to eat.

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Tailgate Ham Sliders Tailgate Ham Sliders Tailgate Ham SlidersTailgate Ham Sliders Tailgate Ham Sliders Tailgate Ham Sliders

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The greatest thing about these sliders is how easy it is to transform leftovers into a new dish by utilizing some condiments and fresh veggies hanging around in the fridge. Some of my favorite leftover accouterments come from surprising places like a cheese board or a dessert. Make sure not to discard that cranberry sauce just yet, and save some of that salad the health-conscious person brought. You’re going to need it for this easy recipe!

Tailgate Ready Ham Sliders
Prep Time
10 mins
Total Time
10 mins
For this recipe you will need: something salty, something sweet, something fresh, something citrusy and/ or vinegar-esque and bread of your choice.
Servings: 6
  • 16 Rolls I used Kings Hawaiin Rolls
  • 16 ounces of leftover protein I used HoneyBaked Ham and Turkey
  • Cranberry sauce
  • A hard and a soft cheese I used Parmesan and Gruyere
  • Fig Jam
  • Arugula or other crunchy lettuces like cabbage or iceberg
  1. Toast your buns in a cast iron pan and butter quickly so that the interior piece is lightly crisped.
  2. For the turkey slider layer a thin spread of cranberry sauce and top with a couple slices of cold turkey. Next, add a slice of gruyere and top with a handful of arugula. Finish with a small squeeze of orange.
  3. For the ham slider, layer on a thin spread of fig jam and top with a couple slices of cold ham. Then layer on a slice of parmesan and some sliced cabbage. Top with a squeeze of orange and a small splash of apple cider vinegar.
You will find that leftover HoneyBaked ham or turkey breast is easily stuffed into a Kings Hawaiin role and can be topped with some leftover sides for a perfect and easy tailgate meal. It proves double duty to satisfy lingering house guests and to empty some space out of your fridge post Holiday Hangover.

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