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Happy New Year! Who started their day off strong with some egg whites, avocado, and fruit? In 2019, I’m simplifying my life which means I want to maximize the effectiveness of my workout. To do that, I’ve enlisted in some fantastic recommendations from my friends on Instagram (thanks everyone for your insight) and put together a list of the best workouts in Atlanta for you guys to try this year as well. Plus a lot of them are giving you guys a discount OR a free class! How great is that? 

Atlanta's Best Workouts

Toning and weight loss is consistently the #1 resolution of the New Year. I mean it makes sense, we just spent the past two months gorging on sweets and alcohol between Thanksgivings and Christmas celebrations. I wish I could say I didn’t let it get the best of me, but my favorite jeans are telling me I need to back it up and start hitting the pavement again. I even bought my favorite running shoes from two seasons ago on Amazon to inspire me to get to the gym. 


Now that I’m mentally ready to get back into the workout groove, I started polling around to find the best muscle toning workouts in Atlanta on Instagram and you guys sent me a healthy list of recommendations! Below you’ll find the list (in order of most recommended) of what you guys told me about on Instagram plus a helpful chart of freebies and discounts for you to try them out in real life. 

Here’s to a fun and healthy 2019! 

The Best Fitness Studios in Atlanta voted by You

Fast Twitch at the Forum: A 75 Minute full-body workout that rotates between core, cardio, muscle training and agility stations. This was the highest rated muscle workout by our instagram poll. 

Forme Studios Buckhead: This community friendly class is a cardio based barre class inteded to challenge you daily. The instructors help you through movements and making sure you’re getting the results you want from class. 

Blast!: Using a heart rate monitor to track your performance, Blast elevates your workout by mixing cardio with weights in an energetic environment. Every day the workout varies so your muscles will continue to evolve as you keep attending classes. Tons of modifications available, this is beginner friendly. 

Fit9: A one-hour HIIT workout that challenges your entire body and encourages friendly competition against your peers and yourself. Each workout is different, causing confusion for your muscles making you adapt quickly and become more agile. It’ll help bring your fitness to the next level. 

Orange Theory: This one-hour high cardio exercise is touted by all my friends as the best way to keep the food baby at bay. The purpose is to challenge your body to stay in the orange zone for at least 12 minutes to encourage metabolic burn. Beginner friendly, very scalable depending on experience. 

Stellar Bodies: Using the Lagree Method, a Stellar Bodies class provides an intense, low impact, core strengthening, full body workout. They aim to target every muscle in your body and believe me, you’ll be feeling the abs in between your rib cage for at least three days after your workout. I’ve always said this is the workout that’s most likely to have you looking like a swimsuit model. 

SolidCore: Using the foundations of a plank, squat or lunge, Solidcore challenges you to make purposeful movements on their resistance band carriage. It’s a tough 50-minute workout, even the instructors sweat through it with you, but it’s a fantastic muscle maker! 

SculptHouse: Focusing on either strength or cardio, this low-impact high-intensity workout challenges you to sculpt your ideal body. The instructors lead you on a 50-minute fitness journey using their Megaformer and helping you hone in on the perfect workout for your fitness goals. 

Barrys Bootcamp: A Barry’s class can burn up to 1,000 calories or more per class! They combine weight training and cardio with bursts of intense anaerobic exercise to keep your heart elevated afterward. Bonus, they have a smoothie bar to indulge in when you’re finished and their showers are supplied with Oribe products. 

Fit2Be: Challenges the way you think about workouts. They want you to maximize your workout while feeding your soul. They have a ton of classes to choose from that all focus on different body parts. 


Atlanta's Best Fitness Studios

Make sure you bring these with you for your workout! 

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