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This weekend (Thursday to be exact), we jet off to Whistler Canada for a little ski-cation! I haven’t ever (successfully) been skiing and have only been snowboarding once ages ago in college, which by all accounts was a major fail. As much as I’ve been accumulating the proper ski gear, the Apres Ski is what I’m looking forward to the most! I’ve heard it involves a lot of relaxing by fireplaces, massages, hot baths, and most importantly, hot toddies. 

Apres Ski Essentials

One || Two || Three (real fur, under $20!) || Four || Five || Six || Seven || Eight || Nine || Ten

When it comes to dressing for Apres Ski I was left a little in the dark. It’s hard to plan outfits for an entirely different climate than what I live in -although the frozen snowy weather we had two weeks ago makes me a liar- however, after ordering my snow boots, the rest started to fill in naturally. After a little research, it came to my attention that my preppy winter wardrobe of years past was the perfect base for a successful Apres Ski wardrobe. Apres Ski is made up of puffy parkas, fair isle on every extremity, fur lined boots, and hats with fur trim. Basically, you’re trying to stay as chic as possible while staying cozy as well. I’ll be bringing a lot of old Fair Isle pieces (and one new coat) with me for Apres Ski, but if you’re looking at inspiration, check out the graphic and the widgets below. 

Some of my favorite retailers are currently having a massive winter sale too: Tuckernuck (30/40/50% off with code GROUNDHOG) || JCREW Select sale items up to 50% off

Fair Isle

Puffy Parkas

Snow Boots

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