February Amazon Home Finds

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This month is all about color drenching your home, at least for me it is. February has never been my favorite month but I’m determined to change that with the addition of a bit of color around the house and my wardrobe with Amazon Home Finds. These Green Scalloped Pillows are sure to delight especially when paired next to this beautiful Blue Lamp and Green Waterfall Foot Rest. I’ve been looking for some Inexpensive art to put around the house and this colorful little abstract is the right price point just for that. I really love this scalloped Wooden Tray and bet it would be an easy DIY to color it at home with your favorite paint color. Who says tissue holders can’t be cute? I personally ordered this blue and white one and LOVE this green one that hangs on the wall. If you need a place to stash your jewels this beautiful little burl Wood Jewelry Box would do just the trick. There are some good finds for around the home if you like to dig, if not, I hope these four collages help you find what you’re looking for.

February Amazon Home FInds

Scallop Edge Window Curtain || Table Lamp || Wooden Tray ||  Wastepaper Basket || Green Scalloped Pillows || Blue Lamp || Gold Eternity Rings Picture Frame || Table Cloth || Canvas Wall Art || Wooden Jewelry Box || Green Shagreen box || Long Sleeve Knit Sweater || Decorative Throw Pillow || Green Waterfall Foot Rest


frames Amazon Home FInds

Mosaic Style Photo Frame || Vintage Round Picture Frame || Antique Photo Frame ||  Rope Design Frame || Classic Bead Picture Frame || White Flower Frame || Arc Picture Frame || Butterfly Photo Frame || Vintage Picture Frame || Vintage Oval Picture Frame || Handicrafts Round Picture Frame || Eternity Ring Picture Frame || White Round Frame


Containers Amazon Home FInds

Glass Holder || Leather Decorative Box || Acrylic Holder ||  Wastepaper Basket || Wall Hanging Tissue Holder || Table Tray || Wood Jewelry Box ||Dispenser with Lid || Thick Glass Jars || Rectangle Tissue Box || Green Shagreen box || Aqua Tissue Box Cover


basic Amazon Home FInds

Embroidery Border Window Panel|| Throw Pillow Cover || Golden frame Wall Decor || Pastel Canvas Wall Art || White Line wall Art || Table Lamp || Canvas Wall Art || Decorative Throw Pillow || Lamps with Fabric Shades || Green Waterfall Foot Rest || Decorative Throw Pillow 

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