Grilled Summer Vegetable Pizza

I’m a huge believer that putting something green on otherwise unhealthy food balances out the bad. I also believe in pre-made pizza dough crusts because ain’t nobody got time for that when you’re preparing for a crowd. Last month Organic Girl sent me some of their new butter lettuce to do some recipe testing and to avoid the obvious salad, I went with a salad’s antithesis: the pizza. Grilled Summer Vegetable Pizza Grilled Summer Vegetable PizzaGrilled Summer Vegetable Pizza

I truly love carbs. I love crust. I love saucy, flavorful, cheesy bites of bread that someone somewhere serendipitously called pizza, and I love them.  If we’re going to attempt to make pizza healthy, which sounds like a horrible oxymoron, then we’re going to load it up with all of the best summer vegetables for this grilled summer vegetable pizza. 

This is a garden party in your mouth, bursting with savory flavor and just a drizzle of honey for a pop of sweetness. Even though this is a grilled summer vegetable pizza, you will be happy to know that you can still make this without a grill! So for those of us stuck in apartments, we can get all the flavor without all the fuss. Those with a grill, I envy you because nothing is better than grilled veggies. Cue these artichokes

If you want to learn how to make this recipe in person, check out this post to learn how to get a live demo of these recipes with Organic Girl! I will be at 3 stores over the next two weeks with one on one instruction to cook these recipes using their new Butter lettuce, sampling wine, handing out coupons and exclusive recipe cards. Plus there is a fantastic giveaway for all of those who attend! I hand curated the gift, and slightly jealous y’all have a chance to win it! 

Grilled Summer Vegetable Pizza

You don’t have to use the specific vegetables I used on my pizza, if you have leftover grilled vegetables from another grilling endeavor, feel free to use those. The great thing is, pizza is very forgiving. With enough cheese, anything is possible. 

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